here is how they cleared the air - laser room measuring device

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here is how they cleared the air  -  laser room measuring device
In any subway, air pollution must be a concern of the residents.
This is the evil behavior that most residents decide to endure.
Not a resident of ruwhitefield, Bangladesh.
They decided to get involved and they seemed to be doing a good job dealing with the issue.
The local area is known for its serious air pollution.
Its residents have now found a way to equip themselves to track local air quality in a minuteby-minute basis. Through an air-
Quality measuring device developed by two residents of Whitefield as part of the community
With the support of citizen collective Whitefield rising, residents are now monitoring PM2. 5 (
Atmospheric particles)
And display real information.
Time tracking is similar to weather updates.
Both Shiv Shankar and white-class student Varun Ramakrishnan, technical consultants, are residents of Whitefield who assembled and launched this sensor device in 2018.
The price of the equipment is approximately £ 6 k and residents can install it on a balcony, apartment building, corner or anywhere else.
"We get the data, show them on our map and analyze the information," said Shankar, founder of Mapshalli, a web application that carries the information.
Residents must install the equipment in the location of the power supply and wi-
I want to know the quality of the air they breathe.
At present, residents around Whitefield have installed a network of 13 devices.
These devices are already crowded. funded.
Data on air quality help residents understand the main causes of pollution in a local area.
With this information, they approached the civic group and asked it to take action.
"The Whitefield government has installed a sensor but does not monitor it in real time.
As residents decide to install the device, we are able to empower them to start a conversation with people who pollute the air.
It could be dumping construction waste or burning it on the road, "Shankar said.
The biggest victory for residents is to have a factory that produces graphite electrodes shut down nearby businesses.
"Without these measures, it is impossible for us to unite so many citizens.
Zibi Jamal, a member of Whitefield rising, said: "It is a lot of evidence to master these figures and bring them to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Commission . ".
The device ranges from the size of the phone to six
Switch the chassis.
How to get air quality data for your neighbors social enterprise reap has launched a Do-It-
Your own air quality monitor, called "breathing," features a DHT22 sensor to measure temperature and humidity levels, and a Honeywell dust sensor to measure dust particles in PM 2.
Level 5 and level 10 PM.
The device can collect and upload data over the Internet.
For more information, please visit www. reapbenfit. org.
PurpleAir is another kind of community air.
Monitoring System.
It is PM (10, 2. 5, 1. 0)
Air pollution sensor
Easy to install sensors, power outlets and Wi-
According to www, fi is everything you need to use the device. purpleair.
Com, more details about the device can be obtained. AQI India(www. aqi. in)
A pollution control platform in India is carrying out the "Know you breathe" campaign.
As part of it, it provides pollution monitoring equipment for your city/village for free.
In addition, check its dashboard to learn about the air quality index in each city.
Have you ever thought about wearing a mask and a Beatles pollution?
This is the motivation for you to do so.
According to the theme of this year's World Environment Day is air pollution, the United Nations encourages residents to post photos of themselves wearing masks on social media.
In this way, it hopes to achieve critical mass in promoting initiatives to address air pollution.
The United Nations wants participants to show extraordinary creativity by wearing masks.
Until June 4, the challenge had essentially injected some light into a larger movement called BeatAirPollution.
As part of the campaign, the United Nations is trying to get people to commit to one or several actions aimed at protecting the environment.
It also prompted them to commit to these actions and encouraged others to do the same.
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