hand held laser meter Is China's new silent, flesh-frying laser rifle total BS?

by:UMeasure     2019-07-20
hand held laser meter Is China\'s new silent, flesh-frying laser rifle total BS?
Has China designed a hand-held laser rifle similar to a ray gun in science fiction?Has China designed a hand-held laser rifle similar to a ray gun in science fiction?Death-Ray laser is a holy grail for America.S.Military researchers have been studying for years, but the laser developed so far is mainly limited to heavy drones.A cannon mounted on a truck or ship.So when the South China Morning Post reported on Sunday that researchers at the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Machinery claimed they had designed a hand-held laser rifle, being able to "carbonize" a mile away from the great white shark immediately within half a month, tweets surged.This weapon, known as zzzm-500, about the size and weight of AK-And the price per gun is relatively cheap at $15,000.It is presumed that it can silently emit hundreds of invisible lasers that burn the target in a second.MORE: The security robot in the office will be very unpleasant to be hit by one of the explosions."The pain will not be tolerated," an unnamed researcher told the Post .".But the story is incredible for some readers.TechCrunch in particular was not affected by the hype.Power supply is a big problem.The technical analysis website points out that if a large laser weapon array is not concentrated at a time for a few seconds on a specific target, it is difficult to generate enough heat to cause significant damage.It is reported that Zm-500 power supply with rechargeable lithium batteryCapable of producing two thousand ion batteriesThe second shot is equivalent to halfAn hour.As TechCrunch explains: "A laser driven by lithium is impossible --An ion battery that a person can carry will be able to produce the heat described by the pointThe blank range, not to mention at 800.MORE: The Pittsburgh man was arrested for allegedly firing a laser on a CHP helicopter, "because of the attenuation.Lasers are different from bullets, scattered as they develop, making them weaker and weaker.Attenuation is rightFor example, anything outside a few tens of meters is trivial.When you go out to 800, the air and water that the beam passes through are enough to reduce a fraction of its original power."Xi'an court, the ball is on your field.There must be some videos about zzm.Burning bull 500-Half a mile away, right?
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