hand held laser meter IBS implements new generation cargo terminal operations system for Emirates

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Irritable bowel syndrome implements IT system EmiratesLargest implementation of the new generation of cargo station operation system-September 13, 2004-Ibs Software Services (ibs Software services) have been developed successfully...The implementation of the new generation of cargo terminal operating system for the largest system in the UAE Trivan de Lang-September 13, 2004-Ibm Software Services has developed and successfully implemented chameleon, a new and complex software.Emirates cargo terminal operating system.Bs designed chameleon to handle the endto-Final management and monitoring of consignment, from delivery of consignment to airline to delivery at destination airport.
International airlines have provided the air freight industry with one of the largest and most complex systems using a new generation of technology.Chameleon enables ground handling procedures to manage the operation of all cargo terminals, from booking air waybills to displaying goods on flights on the export/air Wayside, as well as receiving the goods from the airline and delivering the goods to the consignee in terms of import/land.Chameleon also supports radio communication through handheld terminals and improves productivity and service levels by defining flexible workflows and monitoring the performance of different business processes.
As a result, Emirates SkyCargo and Dnata Cargo are currently running IT systems using the most advanced Cargo ground handling and warehouse management in the aviation industry, provide Emirates with the tools needed to achieve efficiency, profitability and service quality goals.Mr.Chairman and general manager of Ibs V. k. mathews said, "Emirates has a very positive schedule for completing its mission and we are very happy to be able to cut two large terminal operators from existing systems to new systems, and the smallest disruption to their operations.The success of system development and implementation demonstrates our commitment, ability and determination to succeed even in the most challenging situations.
\ "Chameleon is one of the largest IT system implementation recently implemented by Emirates Group, and the project has important strategic significance for the group.It is understandable that chameleon is a huge challenge. I really appreciate and appreciate the professional spirit, ability and commitment that make chameleon a great success .
"Senior Vice President Joshua KoshiEmirates Group.A multi-The million dollar project, after more than 120 years of hard work, the success of the chameleon can only be achieved through the spirit of cooperation.Operation and excellent team work.They created the product according to our specifications and worked with us to implement the system for both business units, thus bringing them a very smooth transition.
I can't ask for more as the project owner, "added Akshay Shrivastava --Manager-Information services, goods and logistics for Emirates group IT.Special features enable data communication using mobile computers and handheld devices to improve traffic control and components-Level tracking to reduce operational errors.The system is expected to improve productivity and service levels by automating workflows, implementing paperless internal processes, and monitoring processes and performance.
It also provides direct control of logistics, processes and costs to customers, suppliers and other partners, while providing an advanced tool to increase productivity and profitabilityAll of this will help Emirates to increase cargo revenue quickly.The association recently joined shengteng Tourism Service Group (TDS) and shengteng group.For marketing a new generation of passenger service systems designed to replace traditional technologies.
About software services, software services is a worldProvide first-class software solutions for the global tourism, transportation and logistics industries.Ibm has business operations in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, group companies in the US (Atlanta), Europe (London), the Middle East (Dubai), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and India (Terry convinced RAM ).Ibs has a large offshore software production and capacity development center in India, which is the sei cmm Level5 ISO 9001: 2000 and ticketit are certified after evaluation.
Global clients of international airlines include British Airport Authority, Air Canada, Emirates, Dubai Airport, Swiss, Qantas, SITA, EDS, ShellMore information about irritable bowel syndrome can be found on the web atMedia Contact: Pradeep P.Suthan Head-Company Contact number: 91-471-2700080 Email: pradeeps @ ibsplc
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