google maps distance measurement tool instructions and explanations - digital distance measurement meter

by:UMeasure     2019-11-03
google maps distance measurement tool instructions and explanations  -  digital distance measurement meter
How Google Maps Distance calculator works. Google Maps distance measurement tool enables anyone to measure the distance between two or more locations anywhere in the world.
For anyone who wants to know how far a place is from another place for any reason, this is a handy reference.
Keep in mind that this measurement tool only uses latitude and longitude coordinates from point to calculate the distance.
Therefore, the calculator does not consider elevation, and if you measure between two or more places in the world's mountainous or canyon areas, elevation increases a considerable distance.
If you are a crow who can read, you have nothing to worry about;
Distance will be on the spot.
But obviously the road is not completely straight, so if you want a more precise driving distance, you'll want to measure the road mileage using the "Get directions" link on Google Maps.
A useful reader pointed out this useful tool by Corey's name.
If you're just curious about the distance between any "A" and "B" of your choice, it's A neat feature.
This tool just keeps accumulating to increase the total distance, no matter how many different places you click after you choose the starting point.
By the way, have you ever thought Google Earth is the same as Google Maps?
While there are many similarities, there are also some key differences in these programs, which are introduced by the same large software company, which you may not be aware, you may also be interested.
What is the difference between reading Google Earth and Google Maps to satisfy your curiosity?
OK, so now you know what it is, let's take a look at what needs to be done using this Google Maps Distance Calculator tool.
The good news is that once you have Google Maps on your screen, there is nothing more important than simply enabling the feature.
Just click "new" on the screen in the upper right corner "(
As shown in the first screenshot here)
A dialog box called Google Maps Lab appears.
As the first option, you will see the "distance measurement tool ".
Just click Enable, then scroll down and click Save Changes in the lower left corner of the box, and the tool will work for you.
Back on the map, the tool is displayed as a ruler icon in the lower left corner of the screen (
Second screenshot.
Click on the ruler and it will first give you "metrics", "English (miles)
Or "I feel strange "(
For example, measures for unconventional units such as football fields or Egyptian elbows).
Then click on a place on the map to start, it will automatically calculate the distance from the starting point to many other places of your choice.
You can delete the last point or reset at any time.
In the last screenshot shown here, you will see that the distance from Portland, Oregon to Albuquerque, New Mexico is 1099 kilometers. 67 miles.
There you have it;
This is a very simple tool, so use it according to your inner desires.
But when we talk about Google's map feature, maybe you 've noticed that there are blurry images in many places when using their satellite image feature to zoom in on certain areas of the Earth.
What's going on with this?
Find out by reading the excluded images on Google Earth: something blurry. It’s a two-
Explain where these patches can be found and why the parts series of these patches are not allowed to be seen.
Fans of conspiracy theory will be very fond of the interesting mystery trivia in these articles.
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