google a1 robot autonomous cars artificial intelligence - laser range finder sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
google a1 robot autonomous cars artificial intelligence  -  laser range finder sensor
Google has been building and testing these robots or Google driverless cars on the streets of the United States.
Life seems to be imitating the novel again, because the invention reminds me of Kate in the 1980 TV series Knight.
They all have artificial intelligence.
This means that once it's programmed, it takes you where you want to go.
You sit down and enjoy the journey.
There are smart cars here.
Car CarsSo so far, the cars have been traveling more than 140,000 miles on California's Highway and tested.
Because of the law, there has always been a person in the car.
But Google's robotic cars continue to work and drive themselves on the street.
Google's artificial intelligence experiment.
They are operated by Google technology and are associated with GPS satellite navigation technology.
The route is programmed into the GPS navigation system.
Cars can be driven with the help of no one.
Equipped with camera, radar sensor and laser range machine.
Google has already used regular cars to map the scheduled journey so the car can go from A to B.
Google has used regular cars to map the area of the California city's scheduled itinerary.
The GPS navigation system records and inputs each road, traffic lights, sidewalks, etc.
The system also has a speed limit database that robot cars always insist on.
With this AI software installed, robotic cars are able to perceive anything human beings can perceive, so safe and predictable decisions can be made while traveling along the road.
Sebastian Trun, Google engineer at Stanford's artificial intelligence lab, is responsible for creating and testing this new technology, which will again see Google changing the lives of millions of people around the world.
Citing Sebastian Trun, our goal is to help prevent traffic accidents, free people's time and reduce carbon emissions by fundamentally changing the use of cars.
Google attended the Technology Entertainment Design conference and showed the robot car to the media.
The conference was attended by leading technology entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world.
Someone has seen a robot car from Google driving at a very accurate speed on a closed route in Long Beach, California.
These self-driving cars can have one of two different driving personalities.
Cautious personality if the car is programmed into a cautious personality, then the car will be driven in a way that a normal cautious person is driving.
If the robot car turns red, it will spend more time and stop faster when approaching the lights.
It is also more likely to allow another driver to pass them on the highway.
Positive personality if the car is set to positive personality, then the car will drive in a more confident way.
Because of confidence in the ability to drive traffic safely and the traffic lights on time, robot cars will be more active.
For me, this shows that Google has been thinking outside the box.
When these cars are on the road, if robots insist on being more aggressive on the road, they will not sell a lot of cars to more cautious drivers.
It is also possible.
If the robot stops too early at the lights and so on, those who like to drive faster will lose patience.
The TV show Knight 1982 imitates the fictional real life.
The artificial intelligence robot car KITT, starring David Hasselhoff, represents Knight Industry 2000.
KITT is a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am car.
One of the features of the car is that it can drive on its own, so allowing Michael Knight, played by David Hasselhoff, to fight the bad guys.
Of course, for anyone older than enough, they will realize that KITT can also perform more advanced features than self-driving.
Google has been a leading innovator in new products, and it has been there for the past few years, and if these other amazing features of Knight cars come out one day, I wouldn't be surprised.
TV show Star Trek 1966 1969 I remember watching TV show Star Trek when I was a child.
I was fascinated by the communication equipment used by the crew of the Starship Enterprise.
When the doors of the business open themselves, I always thought it would be cool to have them.
Of course, today, 50 years later, we all use mobile phones as necessities rather than luxury goods.
Sliding doors are also common in shops, trains, etc.
Even the computers they have on the Starship Enterprise are sensitive to touch, and we have them.
Google's artificial intelligence technology allows safe driving of these cars to remain at a very early stage.
It will take several years to produce these cars on a large scale.
But now software engineers have created a new concept of a car that doesn't require drivers to drive, and soon the lives of people around the world will change once.
Google has been creating new technologies to make life better for people around the world.
These robot cars can definitely do it!
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