golf's top consumer technology products - distance measuring device

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golf\'s top consumer technology products  -  distance measuring device
Golf may be a traditional sport, but technology has never changed.
Increased presence.
Its game
Improved technology, distance
Measuring devices, simulators, games and golf entertainment, instructions or the latest applications, new technologies are designed to enhance the experience of golfers.
This does not even take into account the latest technological advances in the equipment.
With the recent release of the state Golf Foundation's latest Technical Report-looking at how golf's best customers can engage with technicians inside and outside the golf course-now seems like a suitable time to pass through some of the latest and best products golfers are available.
Whether it's information, connectivity, entertainment or convenience, there's a lot to offer with the new golf technology.
Look: can't Swing Caddie buy an advanced launch Monitor for $25,000?
The new SC200 swing boy is an opportunity for amateur golfers
A small part of the price level technology ($349).
The portable launch monitor is about the same size as a smartphone and results are almost as accurate as highend Trackman (
The independent robot test shows that the deviation of the carrying distance does not exceed 1.
2 yards, the swing speed does not change more than 1. 4 miles-per-hour).
Whether you set it up on the practice or on the tee box of the course, simple-to-
Using swing caddies using Doppler radar and air pressure calibration provides accurate readings for swing speed, carrying distance, crushing coefficient and ball speed. Voicecaddie.
ComBushnell HybridBushnell has always been a golf range finder for market leaders (
Selection of professional players on 97% PGA Tour)
It launched its latest innovation earlier this year: Hybrid.
The new Bushnell hybrid combines laser and GPS technology to give golfers more information than ever before.
Not only is the goal of the pin accurate, it is accurate within 1 code, but GPS also provides the number of front, middle and back codes for Green to help the club choose.
There is a reading on the outside of the Rangefinder, which automatically recognizes the hole-to-
Hole when playing
The laser and GPS are also powered separately, so if you forget to charge a lithium-ion battery for your GPS, the laser will still buzz your code number.
This is the distance you have never seen before. Bushnellgolf.
Looking for an app to help improve your game?
GolfLogix is used by more than 4 million users worldwide to provide statistical tracking, GPS course data and advanced green maps.
Back in 1999, GolfLogix was the first company to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry, and now, after more than 19 years of surveying and mapping courses, the company has more than 35,000 interactive course maps worldwide
GolfLogix is an easy-to-use app with scoreboardround stat-
The tracking and very cool new push bar breakout feature allows users to read Green 3D maps at a brand new level of detail.
Now you can't say you didn't see a late break in front of the hole. GolfLogix.
ComArccos caddies intelligent GripsArccos has taken the real-
In recent years, time stat has tracked to a new level, with its sensors connected to the club's ass and synced with the user's phone or smartwatch.
Now Arccos has introduced the first set of built-in handles --in sensors.
Arccos Smart Grips is the latest step for companies to help players make smarter decisions (
And shoot lower scores)
The first AI platform through extensive data and games.
The smart grip uses the Lamkin cross line 360 grip with built-in sensors, so there is no special installation.
Do you know that Arccos users have reduced their stroke by an average of 1/2 times last year?
This is 46 times that of ordinary golfers with disabilities.
It is indeed a more sensible decision. Arccosgolf.
ComGolfNowGolfNow is the world's largest online kick-off time market, collaborating with nearly 8,000 courses in 24 countries.
With more than 3 million registered users, the company facilitated more than 16 million rounds of golf last year.
Booking tee time is never easy if you are a golfer, there are many classes and tee time nearby, 24-
Under the touch of your finger.
According to the nerve growth factor study, most of the loyal golfers who use the third place
Party kick-off time sites like GolfNow say they save money and play lessons they haven't played before.
GolfNow also offers a reward program that allows users to play golf for free. Winner, winner. GolfNow.
ComV1 Golf AppV1 Sports is an industry leader in video swing analysis software, with more than 6,000 PGA teaching professionals using it nationwide (
Including big names such as Boucher and Claude Harmon, David redby, Martin Hall and Randy Smith).
V1 app allows consumers to do it
Class remotely.
Video your swing and send it directly to your professionals, then they can send online classes via remote and voice --
The video is over.
The app also features a variety of drills and has a wide library of professional swing sequences that enable users to perform side-by-sideby-
Contrast to the side of your swing. V1sports.
The ComToptracer RangeToptracer Range brings a top golf experience to the traditional practice Range.
This revolutionary technology has gone beyond the reach of television, allowing golf facilities to turn driving ranges into fun, engaging entertainment venues.
Toptracer has tripled its global footprint over the past year, and currently has more than 35 shooting ranges in the United States. S.
, Encourage social interaction of golfers of all ages through its cool virtual games and statisticstracking. Toptracer.
ComNextLinksNextLinks introduced its indoor/outdoor golf technical concept at this year's PGA Merchandise Show, showing a mix of simulator games with realistic short pole games
The system guides players to project to green with color laser-skilled --
Artificial putter surfaces or real outdoor venues are designed and various types of games such as golf horses, golf corn holes, golf sandboards and golf darts are offered.
Facilities like number nine
The golf course at the California Indian Wells Golf resort uses the technology to "hit the ball at night", helping to attract a younger customer base. Nextlinks.
The 18 birds launched in 2016 are the fastest --
Growing app for the golf community.
Its goal is to create a larger, more committed golf community with GPS rangefinder (
More than 35,000 courses worldwide)
, Score and statistics tracking, social sharing, and auxiliary games.
The app, which recently partnered with GolfNow to book kick-off time, launched a program called DreamGames that rewards users with various prizes every day, from equipment to experience, just to play golf, users can be matched according to criteria such as location, age and skill level. 18Birdies.
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Health club?
MyGolfSpy launches data
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