golf laser range finder - golf course distance measuring equipment - distance measuring equipment laser

by:UMeasure     2019-09-07
golf laser range finder - golf course distance measuring equipment  -  distance measuring equipment laser
There are many golf course measuring equipment to choose from;
But which one is the best?
It depends on what you need on the golf course. A GPS device (
Global Positioning System
Will find you at any golf course anywhere in the world;
But you have to register the classes you are playing on the system you purchased, and in many cases, with a GPS device, you have to pay the membership fee every month.
But, in my opinion, it would be better to use a laser range machine in golf on top of other measuring devices.
That said, for everyday golfers who do not participate in professional tournaments, being able to read the course distance and focus on where the ball falls is a huge asset.
Once bought, you don't have to pay anything or register at the home base, you just have to order.
There are rules for golf, such as not allowing you to use a scout in a tournament.
But there is also a rule that allows these devices to be used at the local level and is licensed. Rule "USGA, 14-3/0. 5, states;
"Local rules that allow the use of distance measuring equipment" means that local rules start to work in local tournaments.
Accordingly, the local commission may decide that a measuring device is allowed to be used, but that the distance can only be measured;
It may not be a device to measure wind speed, gradient, or temperature, or any other measuring device that helps you play.
If the device is able to do these other measurements, you can not use it even if you really intend to use your device only on distance.
Distance measurement can only be performed on this device.
Binoculars or basic glasses are allowed for golf professionals, and rangefinder features are not allowed.
In the case of pro golfers, the caddie will walk with a laser range finder before the start of the tournament, and measure the distance, the gradient, the danger of the green and the shape of the front and back of the green and how far the pin position of the green is.
He will record the information in his little book.
The pro player will then perform a round of exercises to familiarize him with the lessons and pocket book measurements and will then start the game.
In many cases, players who are proficient in the game will recommend which club is suitable for certain shots, although in the end it is the professional player's decision to choose the club.
If you are just a regular golfer with friends and if you need better course management and feel that there is more information about the course you are playing, you will improve, then I suggest you buy one of these devices.
Nothing in the rules indicates that you can't golf with your friends on a daily basis, you can even share your information with your golf partner, just to be fair, I don't see any problems unless you all have GPS or laser range machines.
According to the rule of thumb, if you intend to play in a local golf course team or in an official game, you will undoubtedly have to play a variety of courses in your area.
The rule states that if a specific local rule says you can use the device to help your golf game, you are only allowed to measure the distance.
If your device is able to do anything other than this, you are not allowed to use it.
Trust me, almost every officer knows what every device can do, which means the risk of disqualifying is not worth it.
Other options include GPS devices, although they do have a place in the minds of golfers as they can find you anywhere in the world via satellite technology;
Unless you don't mind subscribing to the GPS system every month.
I think the laser Range machine is still the most useful, portable distance measuring device for regular golfers.
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