golf gps or laser rangefinder? - laser distance rangefinder

by:UMeasure     2019-09-03
golf gps or laser rangefinder?  -  laser distance rangefinder
Modern golfers find that high-tech gadgets are needed to speed up their golf game.
We are a technology crazy culture and golf has never been left behind.
High-tech clubs and dance parties;
It is now a high-tech distance detection device.
It makes sense. We like golf. We like high technology. We like competition;
The golf range machine meets our needs.
Although the above paragraph is written in a flipped way, of course we can not use this high-tech equipment;
These small devices do help players improve the average speed of the game and reduce the score of the game.
We golfers do anything to shave and go home half an hour early.
As a result, golfers are embracing new laser range machines and golf GPS devices.
Let's face it. Pacing outside the number of yards is time-consuming and inaccurate.
I am always happy when I play with a local member for the new curriculum and he will tell you something;
The hole is a little shorter than the marker says, or you may need more clubs than you think.
Are these lane marks correct?
To be fair, I have never been on the fairway, so the rhythm of my return to the plaque is never correct.
But it's all these new devices! Absolutely it!
Last year I was playing on my handheld golf GPS device and I was surprised.
I'm actually playing Green and making pars and birds.
My obstacles were reduced and I changed from a little deliberate player to a quick pair of pants.
At the same time, a friend of mine in the group of four bought himself a laser range machine and he started shooting lower scores and playing faster.
I really like the game improvement.
My purity of golf has always been an arrogant nose, but I like the results I see with this technique.
The golf GPS allows me to look down and see the number of yards, pull the club and fire.
In addition to his need for sight, my laser range friend did the same.
If he is behind a hill, he will suddenly appear on the top of the hill, shoot the flag and return to his ball.
He is a perfectionist and I just want the green front, back and center after which I can guess where the pin is.
On the other hand, he can shoot sand pits from the tee or in front of the green, while my cheap golf GPS only draws certain points.
However, some of the more expensive golf GPS devices can get you anywhere you can touch, but I have to wait until next year to get one of them.
So my suggestion is to buy one and you will like it.
I love golf GPS, but Bushnell is now doing a laser range machine with a slope determination, which is really cool.
The ramp feature allows you to shoot uphill, or down-
Hill pin, it will give you the number of valid codes that this hole will play, so you don't have to guess how much will go uphill, or down-hill you are.
On the GPS side, the new OnPar golf GPS will keep your score, measure your shots, and even let you choose the club in one touch.
The best news is that you can save strokes and time with cheap units;
You don't need to get all the fancy stuff.
I believe golf GPS and golf Laser range have the opportunity to stay here.
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