golf gps and rangefinder devices - are they worth it? - electronic laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-09-04
golf gps and rangefinder devices - are they worth it?  -  electronic laser measuring device
For ordinary golfers, what advances in golf gear have the greatest impact on the game?
Exotic metal woods?
Graphite shaft?
New golf technology?
While all of these changes affect golf, the biggest impact on the game for regular golfers is the development of golf GPS and rangefinder (
Electronic measuring equipment.
In the past few years, the PGA Merchandise Show has begun to look more like a consumer electronics show, and there are many electronic golf devices that can help you calculate the number of golf codes.
The first generation of these devices just gives you the distance to green.
Now, these devices can give distance to any point on the touch screen, track your scores and stats, calculate USGA barriers, and even recommend which club to go.
Better GPS or Rangefinder?
Both provide important information.
Scientifically, the laser will be more accurate (within a yard)
Although GPS will be affected by many environmental factors (
Up to 10 yards sometimes).
This does not mean that the GPS is always 10 yards away, only this is possible.
The laser can give you a precise distance from any object.
Like a tree or pin, but it is clear that it requires sight to be used.
GPS can give you the distance to a known location (Dangerous, green)
It shows a lot at a time, but it is clear that it does not know the position of the pin or the position of each object on the pitch.
The one I use really depends on how well I know about the pitch and where my ball is currently: leaving the tee?
I am using GPS to record where the danger is.
Plan to lie in the woods, or shoot blind?
I'm pulling the GPS again.
Close to the lens, 3 shots, or can't see the green at the bottom of the flag?
I use a laser.
Does GPS have any dog legs to choose from at any landmark?
I am looking for something to hit near the turn with a laser.
Strange shape, hard, or neverplayed-
I can't see everything before Green?
I will use GPS to determine the size/shape of the green and use laser to determine where the flag is on the green.
A course that I am familiar with, the mark is very reliable?
I won't pull either.
There are no weaknesses in both devices.
Laser can't do anything for me if I can't see my target.
I can shoot bunkers and flags, but for all the dangers and Green, the laser can't give me the front and back distance.
The laser is also not that helpful when planning the layoutup shots;
Not only do I need to find a reliable object that I can shoot, but I can only shoot one at a time.
The GPS can't give me the exact distance to the pin, nor can it give me the randomly selected rocks, shrubs, or tree positioning.
So instead of buying that shiny new driver to increase the collection of the other two drivers you already have, invest in a new electronic measuring device and watch your golf score drop.
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