golf bans and controversies - laser measuring devices

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golf bans and controversies  -  laser measuring devices
There is no doubt that golf is fascinated by the whole world.
Golf is a sport full of surprises, possibilities and challenges.
Ask any golf enthusiasts why they like the sport and when they really describe their passion for the sport, you will evoke warm memories and endless memories of the course from experienced golfers
Relax, be happy, always-
The challenge is that golf is a game that triggers friendship and friendship in the fierce emotional hustle and bustle.
Golf, as a sport, is a quiet domestication on the outside, but the ban and controversy created by golf and golf --
Related products are continuously sold worldwide. New golf-
The mobile-facing app is the latest controversy and goal of the golf ban.
USGA and R & A begin to allow distance from 2006
Measuring device (DMDs)
When playing under local rules, define the DMDs as a laser range machine and a GPS satellite device.
DMDs with functions other than measuring distance (
Calculate slope, weather, read Green or select club)
Whether they are closed or not, you will be disqualified (
2012 USGA golf rules, Rule 14-3).
According to this book, DMDs are not allowed on PGA Tour and most other professional tournaments.
If professional golf tournaments on mobile phones and other social media devices allow the use of distance measuring devices, the ban will be relaxed as golfers complain that phones and cameras will be distracting.
Korean golfer K. J.
Cui Tiankai chose to ban viewers from using cameras and mobile phones during his 2011-kilometer period. J.
Cui Invitational
Athletes at 2006 British Open were similarly disturbed by mobile devices, leading tournament organizers and spectators to share a ban at 2007 British Open.
However, the PGA re-examined social media in 2011, acknowledging that social media is part of everyday life, and encouraging fans to work with sexy new iPhone apps such as Snap and Share via Twitter and Facebook) interactive and real official PGA Tour app
Time update, fully customizable, can add players you like.
While sexy may be available on the app market, it was not available on the Australian women's golf market in 2006, where the "top ball: women in the Australian Women's Masters and the Australian Women's Open ban on professional golf 2007 "calendar.
The calendar aims to raise funds for breast cancer research, a scholarship fund for the Australian LPGA and to raise awareness of women's golf.
The calendar, created by golf pro Jenny Sevelle, was hyped
In 13-wear professional women's golfers
Calendar format.
In addition to the embargo on the calendar,
Xavier lost a major breast cancer sponsor in calendar printing.
On 2009, the beautiful face of the Oxford County Golf Club in England failed to open the door, where the "charming caddie" coaxed club members and one of their models to play 18 holes in golf (for a fee).
Golfers can choose a charming caddie with basic golf skills.
The Pert caddie was trained to carry bags and rake sand pits, then strolled around the bar for an hour.
Oxfordshire quickly banned caddies on the grounds of damage to the overall reputation of golf.
It is not only golf that maintains its reputation;
The reputation of the National Park should also be maintained.
On 2006, New Zealand's Taupo and tongarilio National Park Conservation Department banned two hot air balloons during the weekend amateur golf event "long-distance driving World Cup.
"The hot air balloon is equipped with advertising slogans that do not comply with the advertising and promotion regulations outlined in the park management plan, which makes the event planner very scared.
Even the Philippine National Police (PNP)
I find it necessary to protect their reputation. to-
Time related to golf.
In 2010, PNP banned police officers from quoting PNP when hosting a golf tournament or seeking golf sponsorship, and asked PNP personnel not to include PNP in individual hosting and golf sponsorship events.
Venezuelan golfers responded after Chavez said their sport was bourgeois, saying players were lazy because the government closed the course to build lowincome housing.
The leaders of other countries have also suffered from golf phobia like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who in 2009 had hoped to ban golf because he considered golf to be a "bourgeois sport ", lazy people exercise and waste land.
Until 1984, for similar reasons, China actually banned the entire golf campaign, calling golf a "game of the rich bourgeoisie ".
"In 2004, China lifted the golf ban and replaced it with a new golf course development and construction ban in addition to Hainan's Provence tourist area.
Whether China has effectively banned the development of golf courses is controversial.
Golf has also caused trouble for employers.
On 2010, the Philippine police's obsession with golf led the Philippine National Police to issue a memorandum nationwide prohibiting golf during office hours.
It seems that the police are shirking responsibility in exchange for a friendly golf match.
In 2011, Vietnamese government vehicles were deployed on golf expeditions, and the work of Vietnamese managers and senior officials was not performing well, so the Vietnamese Minister of Transport issued a departmental golf ban.
The ban is aimed at managers and senior officials who have promised to implement "secret measures" to monitor their activities.
Managers and senior officials attend golf tournaments during office hours
Time, holidays are prohibited.
Golf has sent as many soldiers as golf.
Obsessed with employees.
In 1457, James II of Scotland banned golf because of golf's interference with military training and archery practice.
At that time, the Scots were being trained in war against Britain.
The ban was reiterated in 1471, renewed in 1491, and canceled in 1502 with the signing of the Glasgow treaty. The Kirks (
Church of Scotland)
From 1580 to 1724, continue to hold a strong belief in golf on the Sabbath.
On 1618, King James VI announced that since the Sabbath is the only day for the masses to have free time to play golf, the Sabbath can play golf as long as there is no golf during service.
Yes, golf is an obsession and it is possible to resolve it from the beginning through disputes and bans, but the intensity of silence during the game may convince others.
After all, golf is a sport full of challenges, possibilities and surprises that keep popping up throughout the golf Kingdom, and that's exactly what golf fanatics and their passion for the game is all about.
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