gm’s latest car gives up steering wheels, pedals — and human control - precision laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-25
gm’s latest car gives up steering wheels, pedals — and human control  -  precision laser level
The future of driving does not include drivingat all.
This is a big gain for GM's new driverless car debut, which lacks the steering wheel, pedals, and for more than a century, manual control and human drivers have begun to define the driving experience of the car.
Cruise AV-meaninga fourth-
A new generation of autonomous vehicles based on Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles
Full control.
GM filed a petition with the Department of Transport on Thursday asking the government to get it to launch a new car, which the company says is safe.
The auto giant announced on Friday that GM plans to mass produce the car as early as next year.
The manufacturer promoted the car as the "first production in the world --
The only purpose of "ready-made vehicles" is to "operate safely and independently without a driver", a degree of independence known as "four levels of autonomy ".
General Motors is one of several companies testing four-level vehicles. A California-
The self-driving car start-up company called Zoox and Alphabet also tested level 4 cars.
"We think this is a very important next step in our plan to deploy ourselves.
Driving vehicles on a large scale in 2019 and entering a world of zero crashes is part of our mission, "said Ray Vette, GM's director of storytelling and advanced technology communications.
GM is already testing second and third generation cars.
Cruise AVs on the busy streets of San Francisco and Phoenix with a celebrity engineer on board.
It relies on cameras, radar and high
A precision laser sensor called navigation lidar.
Fourth from 2019.
The generation of that car will be used in a ride.
In a number of US cities, the shared project "vehicles will travel on fixed routes controlled by the map system," Bloomberg reported ".
In order to improve the safety of the vehicle, the vehicle will share information with each other and rely on two computer systems running at the same time, so that if there is a problem with one computer, the second computer can be used as a backup. According to toGM's self
Driving safety report
Cruise AV is designed to operate in chaotic, volatile conditions such as aggressive drivers, walkers, cyclists, delivery trucks and buildings, the report said.
"With its advanced sensor system, Cruise AV is able to see the surrounding environment at 360 degrees, during the day and at night," the safety report added . ".
"It is designed to identify pedestrians on crosswalk, or objects that suddenly rush into its path and react accordingly.
It can be manipulated by the construction cone, yielding to the emergency vehicle and reacting to avoid collision.
As The Washington Post reported last month, GM's ambitious schedule for getting cruising AV on the road could put automakers in an enviable position --
Unique ability to provide existing ride services
Taxi companies like Lyft or Uber have more and more self-driving vehicles, or better yet, introduce GM's own services.
The company has a huge network of dealers, national influence and manufacturing power, which is likely to provide GMdriven ride-
Ride-hailing service replaces opportunities for Silicon Valley startups-
Ups has been seeking to disrupt the automotive industry for years.
Correction: The previous version incorrectly stated the type of vehicle tested in San Francisco and Phoenix and the level of testing my Zoox and Waymo.
The story has been updated.
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