games, music dominate top 10 iphone applications in 2008 - best distance measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-10
games, music dominate top 10 iphone applications in 2008  -  best distance measuring device
Music and games are the most popular
After the 2008 Apple hit
The company announced the sale of iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
The "top apps" section just added on Apple's online iTunes Store lists the top ten most popular free and paid downloads from the company's US "app Store" since its launch in July
Mobile version of Google Maps software and social version
Facebook, the social networking site, has added Liveradio and game Tap, Labyrinth Lite, light saber Unleashed and iPint to the top 10 free apps categories.
The IPint game is limited to the age level of legal drinking, allowing iPhone users to drink a beer using action simulation from innovative devicesSensing Properties.
Lightsabers instill sound effects that simulate the famous Jedi weapon into the wobbly iphone.
Click Tap Revenge, the most popular iPhone game of the year, to challenge users to keep hip hop songs paced by clicking on the touch of the device
Sense the screen in time with music.
"Tap is sitting at the intersection of music and games, and music and games are everywhere," said Bart DeCrem, chief executive of Tapulous, the startup that created the app . ".
"The Iphone really goes back to the iPod, and when people think about the iPod, they think about music.
"Popular paid apps include video games, handheld guitars, brain challenges, Texas poker, and all radio software for online broadcast streaming. The best-
The paid category includes pocket demo software that turns the iphone into a precise distance measurement tool and an elite program to find bargains at nearby gas stations.
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