five fresh fitness gadgets to get you active, rate your sleep, and even improve your tennis prowess - best distance measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-10
five fresh fitness gadgets to get you active, rate your sleep, and even improve your tennis prowess  -  best distance measuring device
Jawbone's Up2 fitness tracker replaces its Up24 device in a smaller 45.
Source: supply fitness technology continues to lead, and now new gadgets have been introduced to track your tennis shots, deep sleep, and even reduce your golf hurdles.
Try fitness or die.
Sony smart tennis sensor Sony/4/5/$249/Sony. com.
The story of the tape. . .
Sony's smart tennis sensor is fixed on the basis of an existing racket.
Source: providing this wonderful and a little quirky gadget won't make you the Wimbledon champion, but will bring a new level of analysis to your game.
Sony works with the tennis brand to make sure the sensor ring is screwed to the bottom of most rackets.
After completing the game, you open the app and can check the amazing detailed data of each hit, from the ball you pat on your head to the speed of the ball and rotate from each hit.
You can also record video clips that are synchronized with the shooting data.
The data will hit the psychology of the comedy of tennis.
Jawbone Up2Jawbone/month.
ComLifestyle tracking. . .
Jawbone's Up2 fitness tracker measures steps and sleep, and its app can be used to track the calorie intake of the wearer.
Source: The latest fitness tracker on the supply market is arguably the most fashionable.
The Jawbone Up24 has been converted to Up2 for a lower price, and Yves Behar has been redesigned to make the band 45 smaller, discreet and pleasant, and gives a subtle diamond pattern.
The new Buckle is also easy to wear.
The Up2 performs the same tasks as the old model, including steps, workouts, and sleep tracking, and wakes you up with a vibration alarm.
It won't calculate your heart rate like the $230 up 3, and it won't judge your tilt like some competitors do, but it will cause a sensation --
Wear-resistant, easy to wear around the clock.
Special force BackBeat fitplantrooper/month.
Waterproof Com/aunt. . .
The new plantrooper Fit headset is waterproof when running in the rain.
Source: provided with around-the-
Ear clips and a simple band located behind the head have long been one of the best in high-end wireless headsets
Affect activities.
They are better now.
With the adjustment of the design including the red tone, the new background is suitable to remove from the sweat
Waterproof and dust-resistant.
They have even been shown to survive 30 minutes in 1 m of water so that they can survive during heavy rain or a shower under a tap.
They have reflective patches that make you more visible with less light, and come with a convenient reversible housing that can serve as a armband for carrying your phone with you.
GolfBuddy BB5GolfBuddy/3/5/$299.
95/gpsgolfbuddy. com.
I'm on the green. . .
GolfBuddy Band BB5 is the first golf distance measurement device to use GPS on the wrist.
Source: Knowing the distance between yourself and the green is a huge benefit of golf, and this unique device can pass this information on to the wrist.
GolfBuddy BB5 is the first device to use GPS to place you on one of the 37,000 pre-installed golf courses so that it can estimate the distance from you to the front, the center behind the green, consider your approach.
BB5 can also calculate the number of steps, display time, waterproof. Its body is 1.
However, the 5 cm thick LED display makes it bulky and it can be tricky to watch at close range.
Wahoo TICKR XWahoo/3. 5/5 / $134. 95 / store. apple.
Free Com/auPhone. . .
Wahoo's tickr x chest strap can measure and store the wearer's heart rate independently.
Source: vendors connecting smartphones are not always ideal, especially when you are using large phones.
Wahoo tickr x chest strap solves this problem by acting as a stand
It can track not only your pulse, but also your rhythm, exercise time and calorie burning in memory.
If you exercise with your phone, it can use its GPS to display your route on its app.
Tickr x can track jogging on the outside or on the treadmill, ride a bike on the outside, ride a bike on a stationary bike or spin class, Bluetooth and ANT connection means it can be connected to a mobile phone or a running watch, even an Apple Watch.
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