five amazing innovations in home building - laser area measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-09
five amazing innovations in home building  -  laser area measuring device
You may not be aware of this, but every day there are new developments that will greatly innovate the way houses are built, renovated and decorated in the near future.
Many of these advances are already here to bring the dreams of future families into reality from science fiction.
Take a moment to imagine a house in the future.
What did you see?
Maybe it's a completely created by a 3D printer, or a lane that repairs its own cracks, or even paint that can kill the disease?
Many of them are real.
Let's take a look at the five latest developments in family innovation.
Solar facade (SAF)
The solar-activated facade will change our view of heating and cooling houses.
SAF is an innovative cladding system made of glass and wood that absorbs and stores heat from the sun.
This ability increases R-
The value of the wall itself reduces the dependence on insulation and even HVAC systems. Bacteria-
Killing paint Sherwin Williams has developed a microbial-Killing paint that can kill 99 people.
Bacteria, including S. Aureus, account.
E. Coli, S. Aureus and other diseases
Causing bacteria
The paint takes action within two hours of exposure and lasts for four years with proper maintenance.
It has egg shell gloss and 550 colors.
All the necessary facilities, including kitchen, bathroom and laundry, are available for guests. Self-
A Dutch research team led by scientists Henk Jonkers and Eric Schlangen developed a selfhealing bio-concrete.
Concrete is made from capsules filled with bacteria and calcium lactic acid.
Concrete is self-healing through cracks exposed to water.
Water then causes a chemical reaction between bacteria and calcium, producing limestone filled with cracks. 3D-
In December 2016, Apis Cor and PIK successfully created a house with a 3D printer. Self-
The load-bearing walls, partitions and building envelopes were printed in less than a day, and the entire project was completed at a total cost of $10,134.
This small house consists of living room, bathroom, lobby and kitchen.
It takes time to measure, design, and perform renovations, but Cubit wants to be significantly reduced.
Imagine making perfect measurements of any surface and shape, and then automatically sending those measurements to your smartphone.
Then, use the same equipment to help you find the perfect center on the wall.
Cubit can do this thanks to smart technology designer Plott.
Cubit is a highly accurate laser measuring device for wheels.
It brings dimension data to your smartphone and helps bring virtual design into reality. Visit eieihome.
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