farmers can now get grants for grass measuring equipment - laser measuring equipment

by:UMeasure     2019-10-07
farmers can now get grants for grass measuring equipment  -  laser measuring equipment
Recently, through a targeted agricultural modernization program, funds for precision grass measuring equipment have been added to the list of projects available for grant assistance (TAMS)
Under the capital investment plan for young farmers, the nutrition and storage plan for animal welfare and the organic plan.
The reference cost per unit is set at € 950, which means that young farmers who are eligible to participate in the youth farmers' capital investment program can receive grants up to €.
In addition, the applicant must have a smart device compatible with the software (Phone or tablet)
When buying equipment
Macra na Feirme strongly lobbied to fund grass-testing equipment as an incentive for young farmers to improve the accuracy of grass-testing.
As a part of 2017 pre-
When submitting the budget, Macra na Feirme called for funding for all young farmers to purchase lawn measuring equipment.
While including funds for grass measurement equipment, many Irish farms have not yet reached their grass growth potential.
James Healy, president of Macra na Feirme, welcomed the addition of grass measuring equipment to TAMS's statutory instruments, adding, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Department of Agriculture.
"Recent Teagasc publications show that only 50% of Ireland's farms have reached their grass growth potential.
Encouraging better grass growth and utilization will help reduce feed costs by increasing the proportion of grass in animal diets, and allow young farmers to better resist fluctuations in grain and livestock prices.
"Grass is the cheapest feed for livestock farmers, and it is crucial to use this money to increase the grass growth potential on their farms," said Healy.
Measuring grass provides valuable performance information and improves decision making, which is what I advocate for all young farmers to do on their farm.
James Healy also stressed that, through its Macra na Feirme youth farmer Skills Network, it offers grass measurement courses on our grass for cash activities.
"I invite anyone who wants to master the grass measurement skills to take part in the" walk to turn grass into a cash Farm "we held on July 20," said Healy ".
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