eavesdropping and counter-measures: technology and techniques - electronic laser measuring device

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eavesdropping and counter-measures: technology and techniques  -  electronic laser measuring device
You need to know how to protect yourself as your security department or any consultant may not be truly aware of these threats and therefore unreliable.
Since September 11, some enterprises have entered the security field with little or no knowledge of trade itself;
Only its profit potential.
Even clothing that has been around for a while
Established companies fail to keep up with the latest innovations.
In fact, you have to consider looking at your threat level, because everyone should expect some sort of upcoming privacy issue no matter how small.
Thanks to the Internet, you can arm yourself with a lot of knowledge and equipment
Called expert.
If a respected computer crime agent at the New York Secret Service owns his T-
The mobile assistant has been hacked and who knows what else will happen to others in any business.
We will start an acoustic plumbing assessment of any way air pipes, baseboard heaters, cafes, lounges, bathrooms or building structures transmit sound.
To give a simple example, stick your ears on the wall and listen.
Basically, anything that needs to use a bare ear is called a sonic bug.
A soft surface can help with anti-sound, but there is a more effective way.
Therefore, please note that the design of the office website can be used as a channel for dialogue.
Also, please note that any changes will have an adverse effect.
Simply playing music can create miracles to cover up conversations.
The inspection of telephone equipment and lines is called line analysis.
This is more tricky than it seems, because sometimes a possible weakness has a practical purpose for the telecom system.
Especially when maintenance and software upgrades are needed.
All instruments should be checked on.
Ideally, they should be compared to a known security phone or device.
If you're not sure, just remove that loose assembly and wire and see if the phone still works.
The line can be modified in the switch inside the phone, which can basically turn the line into a microphone.
If you bypass this hook switch, you can listen from anywhere on the landline.
This will not be detected by technical equipment.
The time domain reflector is sending pulses on the telephone line.
If there is some interference;
A socket or bugging device on a wall;
Part of the pulse will be returned to the device called the time domain reflector (TDR).
The time difference between reflection and continuous operation is then measured.
This helps determine the distance to the exception.
These devices can perform a variety of diagnostics including mapping wired networks.
This is useful when locating hidden phones.
Hidden calls have several obvious uses, such as making long-distance calls to the office across the street to accept gambling requests from bookmakers;
An exercise called back binding.
If you turn on the modular jack that connects your phone, you usually see four wires.
In most cases, only two wires are connected;
It is usually called ring and tip.
If you see all four connections, please note that this is often inconsistent for most cabling situations, especially in the home.
The other two wires can be used for eavesdropping devices.
For example, the microphone you use in the recorder can be cut in half.
Connect mike head to a group of unused wires anywhere on the phone line.
Then, as long as the wire is not broken, connect the other end to the Jack connected to the recorder.
Now put your tape recorder in VOX (voice)
Now you have a very reliable bug.
This should be checked manually, by the way, as using a dedicated bug detector may not see any errors or discrepancies.
The bug connecting wires like this is called direct tapping.
Another general type is called induction tap.
This is when an instrument is outside the wire, but can still distinguish what is happening on the wire.
They are hard to find because they don't get power from the line as standard phones do.
These are called congestion insects.
A simple probe for capturing wire signals has a speaker that can display sound.
By chance, I was using the apartment intercom system when I used the probe.
I can hear the conversation of the whole building very clearly by the intercom installed on the main unit wall in the basement.
If you are using a wireless headset or a cordless phone, you can intercept the radio signal.
Cordless phones are like radios, but it is very difficult to intercept depending on frequency and some other factors.
For some manufacturers, you can purchase the same model as your neighbor or office and have it join their phone system.
Double check the caller ID box to see if they also record the number they dialed in addition to the number they obviously received.
If you are using VOIP (Voice Over IP)
, Keep in mind that calls can be recorded in the same way as intercepting data between two computers.
These packets can be regrouped with audio files.
Obviously, electronic devices have semiconductor components such as diodes and resistors.
The way to find these components is called non-
Linear Junction detection (NLJD).
The NLJD unit sends out a radio signal when listening to a return signal from an electronic device.
This becomes very useful when the bug is embedded into a photo frame or wall.
The tapping device can be found without activation.
If the device is active and transmitted wirelessly (
Even on the wire)
, You can detect it with a radio spectrum analyzer.
Depending on the detection device used, you can determine whether to send voice, data, or video and possibly listen to the data.
Try using an antenna of different sizes or buy a folded one.
Different frequencies can be detected more effectively by using various sizes.
Using a filter with an antenna can also help locate the device accurately at a specific frequency.
Computers, fax machines, especially electronic devices such as CRT monitors, can radiate electrical signals or pulses that other devices can receive.
It is a storm known to all.
One way to complicate this monitoring is to use certain fonts and line walls or equipment of copper mesh wires of different specifications.
You can further enhance this posture by using special paint that prevents radio transmission.
Radio waves look for leaks or interruptions, so be careful to defend against applications. One-
The window color can help block the signal.
Because electronic devices can generate some heat, they can be detected in another way.
Use a thermal image device to detect and actually see the tiny heat that radiation gives you to watch.
You can hide hot features with cream or neoprene.
There is a technology in place to collect information from the flashing led of modems, routers, print servers and similar devices.
You can only see some general flicker, but you can see more by using properly tuned optics, filters, Oscilloscope, and good timing.
When you type in a way similar to Morse code, a LEDs on the keyboard can be changed to flash.
You can also click on the keyboard and again send out radio waves similar to Morse code, and there is no reverse
Virus software can never find it.
Even if the CRT computer monitor is facing the wall, in a sense, the light can be read by its flashing emission from a distance.
Buying a new LCD tablet is a great defense.
Another way to attack a fax machine is to simply record the noise it makes and play it back on another machine.
I used to do this for clients so they could record all the faxes they made and received.
Have creative and potentially illegal defenses against eavesdroppers and peeps.
One is to transmit a very high tone under the wire, thus breaking the eardrum of the audience.
I know someone who used to put a powerful wire on his phone line, thus destroying the tape recorder for his divorced wife.
By the way, this leads to another topic --
The device is expected to be found one day.
Don't leave your fingerprints on it.
He found it and sprinkled it with ash, resulting in some fingerprints.
My friend used this as a lever for the private investigator who planted it.
Advice to private investigators, a word to the wise: If you do this part --
Time, hire someone who works full time-time. This P. I.
He lost his license and almost went to prison.
The lawyer who recommended him also caused a lot of trouble.
As his telephone transaction crossed the state line, he received some unnecessary attention from the federal government and also happened to involve the post office.
Another budding area related to this topic is protection intelligence.
At present, there are only a few experts doing this kind of work.
The laser or infrared beam can be used at a considerable distance from the target building.
The sound of the dialogue can vibrate to solid objects, such as Windows.
The reflection of the beam is related to the movement of the window, which is received and converted back to what can be heard.
You can connect a vibration device to shield the sound (
Basically a change of electric shaver)to the window.
Of course, if the window is open, then the laser can aim at another object, not the window.
A beam or laser can be directed through a window into a solid object, thus canceling this defense again.
Normally, you really can't detect this attack unless the laser, infrared or beam is used at that moment.
Some materials can be used to detect infrared radiation or passive night vision devices can be used.
Certain fabrics and even curtains may actually show where the beam or laser is focused.
Unless the room is dusty or you have an artificial smoke, you can walk all the way down the beam to a point and guess where it is.
One type of optical defect is an infrared transmitter.
When placed in an area of interest in order to transmit the conversation to an infrared receiver, the infrared receiver then converts the conversation to a audible format.
Many of the same programs used can be used to locate hidden cameras.
A relatively new device uses a series of lasers to look for optics.
The original purpose was to find the sniper by the bodyguard.
I have listed the technology.
Measure, then reverse.
Measures to prevent any false sense of security.
Usually, being vigilant is your best weapon, other than knowing what to look.
Even if you find a "bug sweeper" with good qualifications, certifications and experience, ask them detailed questions.
Not only to test them, but also to your own peaceof-mind.
This makes our work easier and we are very grateful when dealing with knowledgeable customers.
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