east greenwich crimelog: 4 tool thefts from mickleton vehicles - best laser level for builders

by:UMeasure     2020-03-17
east greenwich crimelog: 4 tool thefts from mickleton vehicles  -  best laser level for builders
TWP East Greenwich--
Four residents of the town's Mickleton district recently reported that their vehicles had stolen tools and other items. One on Jan.
It is reported that someone stole items worth about $1,000 on a pickup truck at the door of the house.
24 people were reported missing.
Tools such as foot aluminum ladder, Dewalt toolbox with drill, circular saw, etc.
The theft occurred at night, police said.
Another resident in January
Police were told that someone had stolen more than $1,500 worth of tools from his van.
It is reported that the stolen is a Pasload pneumatic frame nail gun, two Panasonic cordless screws, a Hilte half
More than 100 masonry drill bits, a craftsman socket, three or four screws, a red glow 1.
5 HP air compressors and other items not listed at the time of the report.
Police said the intruder smashed the glass at the driver's side vent of the truck parked in the owner's driveway.
They said that the thief then arrived inside and opened the door from inside.
Another victim was on January.
It is reported that 20 tools were stolen from his work car.
The victim told police that someone broke into the van and stole items worth about $2,000.
Police said the thief or thief opened the lock on the passenger's side door and entered the van parked on the street in front of the owner's house.
The police did not receive a complete list of stolen items when reporting the case.
They say the theft is believed to have occurred sometime in the afternoon of January.
Morning of January and 1820.
The fourth victim reported that someone had stolen about $8,500 worth of tools from his truck.
Four Ridgid cordless electric drills, a saw, a chop saw, a generator and a transport laser level were missing from the vehicle parked in the owner's driveway.
The items were taken from the toolbox behind the pickup truck.
Police said the theft was believed to have occurred between six in the evening. m. . Jan.
The next morning. --
Police officer of January
18 investigations into the theft of copper pipes and wires from a vacant house during foreclosure.
At some point last week, the pipes and wires at mickelton's house were stripped, police said.
They added that they did not calculate the dollar value of the lost material. --
January, a resident of the town of clarkborough.
It is reported that three rabbits were stolen from their cage on the victim's property. The rabbits --
Two of them are lion heads--
Each piece is worth $50. ---
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