earth cracked open, walls of lava, that's life on hawaiian volcano - handheld distance meter

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earth cracked open, walls of lava, that\'s life on hawaiian volcano  -  handheld distance meter
In the middle, the land beneath Leilani Manor cracked. of-the-
The darkness of the night, red under the black sky.
El Salvador Lukin, 50, woke up
An acre of pasture billowed smoke from the ground, and a family, including two young daughters, needed to go to a safe place.
There are also 140 livestock and horses in his hilly area, and when a crack spreads to many people, it is threatened by gas and fire.
It took three days and many friends to get the animals to a safe place. to a county-
Run an equestrian center near Hilo and raise livestock at a ranch in the South.
These girls, Camilla and Isabella, ended up sleeping on the air mattress under the table with mom and dad at Luquin's Mexican restaurant.
Luquin, 56, said: "We all know that when we buy a piece of land here, you are on a lava that can be opened at any time," he came here from Los Angeles on 1982, visit a friend who has never left.
"But the volcano has also created new lands, and suddenly you have new and beautiful things.
"On the eastern edge of the southernmost tip of the country, people living here are used --and awed by -
Their volcanic property sits on the edge of an angry mountain rising from the Pacific Ocean.
But, starting in May 3, the Kilauea eruption, which showed no signs of weakening, was the worst in the community's long-term collective memory.
Thousands of residents have been displaced from their meager homes and generations-owned land in the southeast corner of the Big Island, far from their tourist destination on the COENA coast, with huge families.
It is an area blessed by accidental geography, and when Kilauea acts, it is cursed by the law of gravity --
Just as it has been almost continuous in the last quarter-century.
No one died in the eruption.
None of the people who own the land will leave.
For many Hawaiian locals, the moment on the lava is simply Pele, the goddess of the volcano, and there are murals on the main streets here, make a little money from the deals that many people know they did when they settled here.
Live on the Black Rock, in the thin palm.
Follow the hang-
Loose "aloha" ethics.
But know that at any time you will be forced to wonder if everything you have will get lost in the walls of lava crawling in slow movement.
The island is risky to live in remote areas, and thousands of people who choose the island as their home have long known that they may have to save themselves in an emergency.
Rescue Pets, restaurants donate food to hundreds of people, helicopter companies offer cuts
Provide flyover for those who have to give up their homes.
For some people on the mainland, this is a fantasy. magma and all -
It's just home for many people.
"I don't even know where to go," said Pauline McClaren, 77, who left her home in cabojo town, a few miles off the east coast, for 15 years.
Her community is known for its crystal clear, vibrant tidal pools.
Now she lives in a pair of tents on the wet playground behind the Pahoa community center and becomes a shelter.
A bumper sticker on a car parked near McLaren Grass says, "Bailey is my family girl . ".
The most recent afternoon, during the heavy rain, McLaren reclined on a plastic recliner, reading Sandra Brown's bounce in shorts and slippers.
Her hybrid Poki and Bo.
Variety rescue, watch the stranger close with vigilance.
A few years ago, a severe storm hit her and her 40-year-old husband, Eddie, with a power outage in their neighborhood for weeks in a row.
The eruption rattled the couple's large landscape windows as a result of the frequent impact of steam and gas from the vents --
Jangling lives well here now.
"We are thinking about putting this place on the market;
It's too big for us as we get older . " Said McClaren.
Will she leave the island? No, but maybe leave the unstable bottom of the Kilauea funnel.
"We will move to the volcano," she said, pointing to the uphill with a smile, on the edge of Kilauea 4,000 --foot peak.
Old Pahoa Road, pizza shop and head shop, healthy-
The food store and Cultural Museum connect the community center with the highway at the entrance to the evacuation community.
The National Guard team was operating at the checkpoint, and the Hummer blocked the lanes in and out.
The road is empty except for them.
Palm trees, ferns, and the spreading monkey pod trees are wilting from the smoke that is emerging from the cracks now on the 22nd.
The power line that was shot down was 10-foot-
In not too far away, high walls of black lava sometimes appear, blocking roads.
The noise around the most active cracks is deafening, and keeps growling as they release gas from toxic sulfur dioxide.
The smell of sulfur is very strong.
When members of the National Guard enter the community, they measure air quality with hand-held meters.
"I 've never been so close," said Corey Kanach, a researcher at the local culture Foundation, who took part in the crack 6 tour in the most recent morning.
Kanahele began the traditional chant for celebrating lava, raising the sound in Hiss and explosions.
She studied at Hula School.
"This power is amazing," she said . "
In an open space at the intersection of the highway, residents set up a donation center.
Food and diapers, shampoo and clothes, a box of water and grains.
Volunteers who work there call it Pahoa's "sanctuary ".
Asa Hanson, a local businessman, asked, "Do you have a place for small animals ? " He is evacuating animals with delivery trucks.
The head of the center, Chasity Quihano, began making arrangements for the arrival of a small number of pets.
Her sister and three children have been evacuated from the neighborhood, but her mother, while warned to do so, refuses to leave what Quihano calls "our home land ".
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