early warning system to avert human-elephant conflict - laser distance

by:UMeasure     2019-09-19
early warning system to avert human-elephant conflict  -  laser distance
An early warning system that helps prevent human diseases
Elephant clashes and crop damage have been installed at the Satya mangaram Tiger Sanctuary (STR)here.
Sathyamangalam, a research group at Amman ari Amman Institute of Technology, designed the "elephant alert smart fence ".
It was recently installed in the village of Ammapalayam on the Bhavani Sagar-mettualayam highway, where elephants often cross the road.
Led by Sanjoy Deb and led by L. Rajasekar, R. Ramkumar and S.
Selvakumar designed a system for sending text messages (
SMS service)
Said to farmers and forest officials after the elephant was discovered.
The project is organized by the International Elephant Foundation (IEF)based in the U. S.
Team members said the system was an upgraded and modified version of the "road kill prevention system" they designed and deployed in the Velamundi area of Satiya mangaram --
Mettupalayam highway six months ago
The new smart fence consists of detection module, warning module and drive moduleaway module.
The probe module is a long-distance Laser fence independently designed by the team to run up to 400.
The warning module sends SMS alerts.
Team members say Drive-
The Away module has a flashlight that automatically changes the pattern and when an elephant is detected, it opens immediately and scares it Away.
They say three.
The team of members of IEF recently checked the system.
After success at the current location, it can be deployed in other conflict-prone areas.
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