earliest galaxies got the green light - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-24
earliest galaxies got the green light  -  green light laser level
Billions of years after the Big Bang, Green was popular.
Researchers reported at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society on January 7 that galaxies in the early universe.
Stars are much hotter than most of the stars found in the modern universe to emit this light.
This discovery provides clues about what the first generation of stars might look like ().
Some nearby galaxies and nebulae produce this hue today.
But these early galaxies, which had already appeared about 11 billion years ago, are surprisingly large.
"Everyone is doing this," says Matthew Malkan, an astrophysicist at the University of California, Los Angeles . ".
"It seems that all galaxies started like this.
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