diy digital tape measure - digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-09-11
diy digital tape measure  -  digital measuring tape
Hey everyone today, I hope to teach you all about ultrasonic sensors and hopefully by the end you will have a small digital tape measure of your own that you can use at will.
Enjoy this is the second version of my project so if you can get it that small or just don't want to deal with the Arduino Pro mini you can change it at will.
First of all, we need: the tools you need: this is the most important part if you focus on getting a small and tidy package, if you just want it to work, you can start by skipping this step. If your component is closest to me, you will want to find a configuration that is very good because the LCD pin is aligned with the Arduino pin, thus reducing the number of wires I need.
You can see how I drew me in the gif above, just be careful, I ended up not using the 9v battery, my last battery pack got three AAA batteries on the outer back of my device, which made it easier to replace the battery.
If you are using the Arduino pro mini or Arduino, this is probably the worst part if you need to weld the pins.
I hope it will be worth it.
The pin configuration will be the same for all Arduinos, so don't worry about changing the pin layout or code.
When I mention the LCD pin, looking at the picture from right to left, this step is largely useless if you use an Arduino with serial communication (
Arduino Nano, Nano)
However, if you use the Arduino Pro Mini like I did, you will soon find that there is no USB port to plug it in!
To solve this problem, you need a serial programmer or Arduino Uno (
I use uno to program my mini)
Connect the arduino uno board 5v pin to the VCC pin of the pro mini.
Connect the arduino uno board GND pin to the GND pin of the pro mini.
Connect the arduino uno board TX pin to the TX0 pin of the pro mini.
Connect the arduino uno board RX pin to the RXI pin of the pro mini and connect the arduino uno board reset pin to the RST pin of the pro mini.
Then select the Arduino pro mini in the Arduino IDE as the uplaod board.
After you have done all of this, you should be ready to upload.
Finally, you can choose a material to make your case.
Preferably hard ridge cutting
Materials that can be bonded. (
Don't forget to insulating thin wood, cardboard, cards, sheet metal)
Unfortunately I can't really help you with this step because everyone's final wiring and sizes are different and I can only say make sure you measure and glue as accurately as possible, the most important thing is to make it yours. :)
Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave me a message for help.
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