district maxed out on snow days, so kids are going to ‘cyber’ school to save spring break - digital measuring equipment

by:UMeasure     2019-10-29
district maxed out on snow days, so kids are going to ‘cyber’ school to save spring break  -  digital measuring equipment
The joy of taking a day off because of snow last month will not turn into a short break after Easter in the Kingsway district school district next month.
This is because administrators are experimenting with "Web day" teaching with students and teachers working on technology --
Arrange homework outside the school to make up for the snow. The 7-
The experiment is being conducted in grade 12 districts with 2,300 students in Gloucester County, although online teaching does not meet the country's teaching requirements of 180 days a year.
"It's only one day, so we think we'll give it a try," said director James ravend . ".
"At Kingsway, we need to receive 181 days of teaching during the school year.
So we can try this experiment in mixed teaching.
Teacher Kingsway will assign a program for students to complete 8-
Spring break.
Students will return before the end of the week.
Students who do not have a computer or mobile device to complete their homework will have the opportunity to complete their homework on the Return Day, Lavender said.
The region will also be evaluating how many students do not have reliable Internet and digital devices to develop the ability to expand the program, lavind said.
The internet teaching is accepted by the Ministry of Education to guide students who cannot go to school, ravend said.
In this case, he said that the area was able to enter into contracts with services that provided equipment that could provide instructions and measure the time that occurred on the equipment.
He said his area could not afford to use distance learning to make up for similar arrangements for snowy days.
Lavind said that the area has set a calendar at the beginning of the school year, including shortening other days such as spring break, to make up for days when schools are closed from time to time.
He said that on the second day of Easter celebrations this year, Monday, April 22, the attendance rate is usually 15%, three times that of normal conditions.
A school district that cannot be opened for at least 180 days will lose all state aid.
State law does allow the Commissioner to waive any penalty for an inadequate area "for the justified reasons shown.
But the exception is rare, said Frank bellucio, director of United Nations communications. J.
School Board Association
Even after the super storm Sandy caused the school to extend its closure in the fall of 2012,
Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf refused to give up 180day rule.
As a result, about one of the four districts shortened the spring break and 40% extended the school year to June 2013.
Women's Councillor Valerie vayeri Hotell
District 37, the bill was re-introduced in February.
When schools are closed due to weather or other emergencies, this will allow "virtual teaching" for up to three days ".
She introduced the same bill in 2016, but never put it to a vote.
Staff writer Rob Jennings contributed to the report.
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