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by:UMeasure     2019-06-30
Aerial photography refers to the process of taking images of objects such as terrain, infrastructure, vegetation and human settlements from high places.Photos can be taken by a photographer or by a camera mounted on an airplane, balloon, pole, and parachute.This type of photography has grown significantly and has become a very useful way to collect important geospatial data.
For example, the construction of large buildings such as cities, roads and railway lines depends on the data collected through aerial photography.Aerial photography is also used for many other purposes such as making maps, studying weather patterns, monitoring, land use planning, and environmental assessment.Professionals who rely on aerial photography services when performing their work include engineers, land surveyors, architects, and geospatial information systems experts.
Aerial photography is the best source of data for different types of projects, especially those that regularly rely on spatial data from one geographic location.Other categories of people using the service are advertisers and filmmakers.In both cases, aerial photography is used to create unique scenes that cannot be achieved on a camera on a land surface.
Aerial photography will use a range of equipment and different aircraft to carry out any project at different locations.For example, some companies use dual-engine aircraft with advanced and powerful cameras for aerial photography.In aerial photography, forward motion cameras are often used to compensate for the earth motion of distorted images.
This camera is designed to capture clear images and minimize blur.The advantage of aerial photography is that it has the ability to stop motion.Secondly, it has greater spectral sensitivity than normal eyes.
Finally, it provides more spatial resolution and geometric fidelity than the ground method.There are many companies offering aerial photography services.They also provide maps and other related services.
Some of the typical aerial photography services offered by aerial photography include the following: precision aerial scanning includes taking high-resolution images using digital scanning equipment.High quality scanners are required for this activity.Scanning Services have been adopted in engineering, construction and other similar fields.
Airborne GPS control photography this includes capturing images using cameras guided by GPS.Due to its efficiency and accuracy in collecting data, it is mainly used by surveyors.Inertial measurement unit control photography this requires the use of differential GPS on the plane, the use of inertial measurement units on the sensor for precise positioning, and provide parameter orientation for the sensor.
This exercise is part of a map drawing that involves compiling and extracting features and elevations using images.Tilt photography services tilt photography refers to a kind of photography where the camera axis is tilted vertically at a certain angle.The function of this type of photography is pure intelligence.
Because they have a large scale error, they cannot be used for drawing.Another service offered by aerial photography companies includes controlled vertical aerial photography and processing.All of these services require special equipment and professional personnel to undertake.
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