distance measuring equipment laser Did China Just Render America's $1 Trillion Stealth Fighter Program Obsolete?

by:UMeasure     2019-07-21
distance measuring equipment laser Did China Just Render America\'s $1 Trillion Stealth Fighter Program Obsolete?
/**/ Over-Budget, behind the plan-reportedly --The Joint Strike Fighter of Lockheed martin 'sultramodern is not a particularly good fighter, and it may be shipped to the scrap pile.In a 2013 RAND report, one of the most important military analysts in the United States attacked the United States.35 as a warrior who "can't turn, can't climb, can't run."F-supporters35 replied that it should not do any of these things because it is invisible-Firing missiles at the enemy from the horizon, they haven't even seen it yet.Unfortunately, it turns out35 may or may not do the "invisible" thing well.Photo: Lockheed Martin contact lenses-voila!As DefenseNews.Recently, China has a new device to track F-35 fighters using "passive" radar detection technology.China's equipment, known as DWL002, can detect stealth aircraft within a distance of 400 kilometers.-600 for larger "stealth" targets-Handle "pulses, frequency agility, pulse duration, tactical aerial navigation systems, distance measuring equipment, jitter/stagger radar, and identify enemy-me signals from stealth aircraft to determine their position.It should be noted that DWL002 is not an active radar system in itself.As Richard Fisher, senior researcher at the Center for International Assessment and Strategy, explains, "passive systems like this only need to listen to any electronic launch" and recognize aircraft without using active radar transmitters.So whether F-35 itself is invisible to "radar" and may be a point of no meaning.In any case, China can "see" it.Don't Look Now, Lockheed Martin.But China is watching you.Photo: What's in common with Wikimedia, Russian F-It turns out that the stealth capacity of 35 is not limited to China.According to DN, the Czech Republic and Ukraine have similar passive interception systems for electronic signals that can detect stealth aircraft.Similarly, Air Weekly reported earlier this year that Russia's P-The Oborona wave warning system and its 3D Nebo SVU active electronic scanning array (AESA) can also detect F-35.(A new Chinese Navy radar system, high frequency of 517, may be applied to F-35.) Of course, there are also events of the Balkan war that need to be remembered.Serbia, March 27, 1999The aircraft force used 1960 old-fashioned P-18 high frequency acquisition radar systems (working with SA-3 SAM system close to target) to detect and detect F-117 stealth fighterWhat does this mean for Lockheed Martin, experts on these different aircraft detection systems for F-35.On the one hand, the passive detection system can tell the opponent that there is an F-35 "out there" still needs an active detection system to guide the missile to shoot it down.But if the critics are right, it could still damage the stealth reputation of the aircraft and pose a major threat to the business of Lockheed Martin.Lockheed Martin won a contract to build what was then called a "Joint Strike Fighter" for 13 years, beating Boeing.Since then, the stock price of Lockheed has risen from $35 to an astonishing five times.29 (adjusted by dividend and stock division) October.2001, more than $176 per share today.Although many factors contributed to this excellent performance, Lockheed won the F-The franchise has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the success of the unit.After all, analysts estimate that 60-Years of Life, F-35 will bring up to $1 to Lockheed Martin.High value 1 trillionProfit income--or more.At the 11.Lockheed Martin's 2% profit margin in the airline sector (due to data from S & P Capital IQ) means that the company can earn about $112 billion in profits from this product-Twice the market value of the whole company.But if the F-35 there is a shortage in the "invisible" sector and the franchise may be in danger.The result of technology for investors is that it is always changing.The most cutting-edge technology in 2001 may be out of date in 2021.If this happens, if F-35 was not ultimately built in the amount originally expected (as was the case with Lockheed Martintech F-You will remember that the stock value of Lockheed Martin at the time may be lower than investors expected.You can't miss this "made in China"-A very familiar phrase.But it won't last long: there is a radical new technology that has been used by the United States.S.Air Force, BMW, even Nike.Respected publications such as The Economist have compared this disruptive invention with steam engines and printing machines;"Business Insider" called it "the industry under $1 trillion ".Watch Motley Fool's shocking video demo to learn about the next wave of technological innovation that will end "made in China" forever ".Click here!Simple analysis of data.Push ({event type: "article itch", contentByline: "Rich Smith", contenttid: "cms.146867 ", contentTickers:", contentTitle: "China is making the US $1 trillion stealth fighter plan obsolete?, HasVideo: "False", pitchId: "718", pitchticers: ", pitchTitle:", pitchType: ", sfriHas China just made the US $1 trillion stealth fighter project obsolete?Originally appeared on a fool.com.Rich Smith does not have any position in the above stock.Jack Ma owns a stake in Lockheed Martin.Try out any of our stupid newsletter services free of charge within 30 days.We Fools may not all hold the same view, but we all believe that we will become better investors, given all kinds of opinions.The disorganized fool has a disclosure policy.All rights reserved©1995-Limited liability company of 2014 fools.All rights reserved.The disorganized fool has a disclosure policy.
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