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by:UMeasure     2019-07-07
A terminal combines a digital photoelectric platform with EDM working with a microprocessor to perform tasks quickly and accurately.With this combination, the station can measure the horizontal and vertical angles, slopes, and horizontal and vertical distances.A train station was built.In the calculator that makes the triangle calculation, and in the electronic field notebook that is used to store the data.
The terminal can transmit data with the computer interface.The new all-station production represents a full set of traditional measuring tools, new GPS receivers and software.A fully integrated approach based on satellites and traditional equipment will allow ordinary consumers to significantly increase productivity due to improved user quality, complete hardware and program compatibility within the complex system of the new terminal.
EDM (electronic distance measuring device): EDM is a device installed to emit light wavelengths at the top of the main station.EDM measures the time it takes for the light to move from EDM to Prism, bounce back from Prism and then return to EDM.This measurement is shown as a distance, but it is actually a measurement of time.
Very accurate distance measurement using EDM.The whole station is characterized by the ability to measure the angle and distance at the same time and combine the electronic compass with the distance measurement system and microprocessor.All the components of the electronic photoelectric instrument described in the first few lessons of angle measurement can find the main station.
The axis is configured the same, including the vertical axis, the inclined axis, and the line of sight.Other components include three batches of products with flat foot screws, a keyboard with a monitor, and a telescope mounted on the standard and rotating around the inclined shaft.By adjusting to make the plate level or electronic bubble set, level it in the same way as the gyro.
For left and right sides of the face.
Clamping and tangent screws and the rotation of the telescope around the inclined shaft
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