distance measuring device How to Measure With a Yardstick

by:UMeasure     2019-07-07
Most of the time, the scale is 12-inch ruler.The advantage of the ruler is that they are made of two substances, wood or metal.If you are a math teacher, use the ruler when doing geometry on the blackboard is 12-Because larger numbers can be drawn and measured.
The ruler also gives you the advantage of measuring outdoor activities and processes such as snow depth and flood height.Check your criteriaDepending on who made the ruler or when it was made, your measurement length will be from 1/4-inch to 1/16-Inch increments.Make sure you are using a ruler with measurements that are relevant to the accuracy you need.
Place the end of the ruler where it will be your starting point.This is the beginning of the measurement, starting from zero.Follow the numbers on the ruler to where you are about to end.
This can be either a solid inch or an inch with a score.Mark this location with your marking device.When measuring the height of snow or water.
Push the ruler into water or snow until it reaches the solid surface below and mark the ruler to determine the depth.Read the ruler at the bottom from scratch.This is the end of the measure.The first integer you will see is 1.If the number is 35 then you use the wrong ruler.
Find where you have marked or marked on the surface of the measurement and determine where it falls.Start with the integer closest but less than the distance you measured.For example, if your measurements are between 5 and 6 inch, start with 5.
Then, determine the score of the remaining inches.The largest line in this series is in the middle, which is 1/2-inch mark.1/2-The two integers on the inch mark and on both sides are 1/4-Inch mark, then 1/8 a little shorter-Inch and shortest line, indicating 1/16inch.
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