distance measuring device How to Measure the Distance of a Running Track

by:UMeasure     2019-07-16
If you train athletes to run a certain distance of the race, you need to know exactly how far they are around the runway they use for training.The distance around each track is different-Therefore, the staggered start of any race containing at least one track curve--But you only need to measure the track once.If you know how long it has been around the inside lane, you can use the calculator (see resources) to figure out how to offset the starting point on other lanes so that all runners can complete the same distance.Description difficulty: easily locate your 20 centimeters (7.9 inch) draw the edge of the line from the inside of your lane.Either start with the line already given on the track, or mark your starting position on the driveway with tape or blackboard.Reset your measuring wheel, pedometer or any measuring device you are using.Walk or run on the track, keep 20-A centimeter distance from the edge of the inside.If you have difficulty keeping a constant distance from the line, please attach a lightweight 20-Centimeterdowel to your measuring device, keep the other end of dowel inside when you walk.Continue until you reach your starting point.The resulting measurement is the distance of the lane you measure around the track.Please note that the distance between different lanes is different.For information on calculators, see the references to help determine the distance difference or offset between lanes.The resource article written by Mary Muloni Mary mullooney has been professional writing since 2001.Her diverse backgrounds include many outdoor activities, personal training, and linguistics.She studies mathematics and regularly contributes to various online publications.Mullooney's print and publication credits include national magazines, poetry awards, and longLife column for local outdoor adventures.
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