distance measuring device How to Calculate Roofing Materials Needed

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The roofing materials needed to calculate a home or business need to understand the geometry and the ability to complete some basic mathematical problems.This is a fairly easy task for basic roof design.It's a bit more challenging for a more complex roof design and requires you to complete a few calculations to make a decision.
These calculations will provide you with the total area (square feet) of the roof ).On the note, draw a variety of geometric shapes that make up the overall shape of the various roof surfaces.For a simple roof like a ranch-style house, you may have two rectangles to handle.
For more complex roofs, you may have several different geometric shapes, including squares, rectangles, and triangles.If you can safely get to the roof with pencils, mats, and measuring equipment, you start measuring the external dimensions of each geometry you draw on the mat.When you measure each side of the shape, be sure to write down their dimensions.
You will use these measurements to calculate the square feet of each shape.Once you have done these calculations, you will add them together to determine the total area of the roof.For formulas for completing this task, see the references below.
If you can't get on the roof safely for hands-onAt the time of measurement, there is another way to determine the square feet of the roof with reasonable accuracy.You can calculate the spacing of your roof in several ways, and the easiest way is to enter the attic.After measuring the external dimensions of your home, enter the attic.
Keep the level parallel to the floor for 12-The inch mark is opposite to the rafter;Make sure the bubble indicates the horizontal condition.Using a tape measure, find the distance from the front edge of the level to the roof to determine the rise.Service magic roof calculator.Com displays a chart and performs calculations based on your measurements.
Once you have identified the overall square foot of the roof system, a simple division question determines how many "squares" The roof has ".The square in the roof term is 100 square feet (A 10-foot by 10-foot section).You will usually order the roof wood tile in the "square.
\ "Divide the total square foot calculation by 100 to determine the square of material required to complete the roof
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