distance measuring device How Do I Measure Fishing Line Length?

by:UMeasure     2019-07-16
You don't need to buy expensive fish line counters or fish line measuring devices to calculate the length of the fish line you left on the rod or on the used fish line shaft.Using a simple mathematical formula, you can measure the length of your fishing line manually.This process is easy;However, we are very encouraged to have an assistant.Knowing how many fishing lines you have left will help you calculate if it is necessary for you to fish at the bottom of your favorite fishing spot.Teaching difficulty: moderate easeSlide the line on your fishing reel.Tie the end of your fishing line's label, and it will drop from the top of the fishing line to the station pile.Press the drag mechanism located at the top or bottom of the fishing reel and walk back with the fishing line in your hand.At each step, the fishing line is slowly untied from the axis of the fishing line.Continue until most fishing lines are off the line axis.Adjust the free fishing line so it is on a flat straight line-No entanglement--On the ground or on the table.If the fishing line is accidentally completely out of the fishing reel shaft, please re-thread it.Tie the label end of the fishing line to the fishing reel shaft, and then pass through each rod guide along the fishing reel.Mark the line at the top of the fishing rod with a black mark, in the position where the final fishing rod guide is located.Create a point or line around the fishing line so that when moving along the fishing line, the eyes can see the mark clearly.Step on the top of the fishing line with bare feet, or let the assistant keep the tension on the line while rotating the reel handle for a whole circle.As you measure the distance the Mark moves along the fishing reel, continue to maintain the tension on the line.Multiply the distance of the trip by 10.For example, if a rotation puts 12 inch of the fishing line on the spool, then 10 rotations place 120 inch on the spool.Use this calculation to determine how many fishing lines are on the fishing reel shaft.Continue to rotate the handle of the reel in 10-InnerRotate the interval, calculate each rotation until all the lines are on the fishing reel axis.Do the final calculation.For example, if you rotate the handle of the reel in 30 turns and increase 120 inch per 10 turns, then you have a fishing line of 3,600 inch or 300 feet.Tips and warning articles by Charlie Galston wrote many teaching articles on topics ranging from business to communications and real estate planning.Galston holds a bachelor's degree in International Business and a master's degree in communications.She is fluent in Spanish and has extensive travel experience.
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