distance measuring device Homemade Drill Press Attachments

by:UMeasure     2019-07-21
distance measuring device Homemade Drill Press Attachments
Drill presses are available in most woodworking stores, home stores or garages.They are simple tools to perform a single function, not much extra.They are usually used only for drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic or any other material.You can make some simple accessories to facilitate drilling and extend the life of the drill bit.Cut short blocks of different lengths from 3/4by-3/4-inch stick.Drill down one by one through the center of the block, each with a different bit and close the bit but leave the block on the bit.You can then use a drill bit with a block as a measuring device.The drill bit will stretch out the bottom of the block at a given distance.You can then drill down onto the wood until the block stops the drill bit further down.Keep in mind that the block will always remain in place.If you remove the blocks, they will become loose and you will need to make new ones.Fix the wooden fence on the drill press table on one side of the drill bit touching the table.Mark 1-with pencil and tape measure-Measured inches on the left and right fence of the drill center.Use fences to drill continuous holes in places very far from each other.Drill the first hole, slide the workpiece to the next pencil in the measurement, drill the hole, and move the workpiece multiple times as needed.One of the biggest problems when operating a drilling machine is interfering with sawdust and debris from previous holes.The fragments pile up under the workpiece and even fix the drill bit inside the hole.To prevent this, connect the air hose to the wooden fence with a zipper, or clip it directly to the drill press table that is out of reach of the arm.The nozzle should point directly to the point where the drill bit enters the wood.During drilling, you can reach out and tap the trigger onto the air hose and blow the debris away to keep the table clean.Cover the original drill press table with MDL or scrap board.MDL (medium density laminate) is a very smooth plastic coated plywood.It makes a good surface work and protects the original table from damage.Drilling the MDL anywhere you like is OK, and when the MDL is worn out, you can turn it over and use the other side or cut a new piece.If you are not able to access the MDL, Please attach a piece of chopping board to the top of the table.It provides a nice surface that can work in the same way and protects the original table.
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