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by:UMeasure     2019-07-14
In 2004 2.There were 1 million burglary cases in the United States.
Fewer than 15% criminals were arrested.

It happens when no one is at home or nearby to witness.

And pay for expensive monitoring.
Monitoring the company is not a solution for everyone.
Business owners, more expensive business owners, or families with lower incomes need to save money, and they can save money with TeleSpy intruder alerts.

Detect sensors and highly sensitive amplified microphones.

The intruder is not able to identify the phone as the monitoring system.
Simply enter a phone number to reach you while away from location.The phone works well because you can take it anywhere.If motion is detected, TeleSpy will call you automatically.
You will be able to listen for 30 seconds through TeleSpy's high power microphone.After 30 seconds, TeleSpy disconnects and reconnects immediatelyDetection of weapons over and over again
If you hear someone break into the police
It has been confirmed that burglary is being implemented and it is a top priority.
You will want the best listening experience and sensor range to provide as much detail as possible to the police.So there are a few things to consider when deciding on the location of TeleSpy.

About 20 feet, approximately 45 degree wedges are produced outside of the sensor.
Now think like a criminal.
Are they looking?
run trials.
If you have pets, include them in the Test trial.

Pin the sensitivity of your pet and eliminate interference.
TeleSpy is ideal for an apartment, small family or office.
It can be a good addition to the architecture of the existing system.

The police arrived there as soon as possible.

Return it to the owner.

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