distance detection sensor a review of the electronic secure dog by christopher winkler

by:UMeasure     2019-07-14
As thousands of people are out of work, some resort to crime.Robbery and theft have already started, and people with police dogs usually scare away robbers because they don't want to provoke dogs.If you do not own or cannot own a dog and still want the protection it brings, then there is an electronic police dog that never needs food and water, when you are away, look at your home.
Barking dogs can help prevent your chances of robbery, as criminals prefer to go to a home that is not bitten by dogs.You don't have this protection if you live in an apartment or are allergic to dogs.A product on the market is called electronic safety dog, an electronic watchdog that monitors your property when you leave.
Using very complex motion detection sensors that can be seen through the walls, when someone comes to your door, e-safe dogs can actually start barking and reduce your chances of being robbed.The size of the electronic dog is equivalent to a large piece of bread with a huge speaker, motion detection sensor and some wires inside.By plugging the electronic watchdog into the 110 v power supply and turning it on to one of the four settings, it is easy to set the electronic watchdog.The main settings are barking dogs, and you can adjust the sensitivity of the volume and motion detection sensors.
We set up the electronic security dog and went out.As soon as we approached the front door of the house, you could hear the dog barking.It sounds like a medium sized dog barking in the back of the House or in the bedroom.It stopped when we stopped.When we moved, it called.The motion detection effect is very good.
It does change the bark if you keep moving, so it's not just the same bark in a circle.While it doesn't sound like a big dog, it does sound true enough at the first time it listens, and if I were a criminal it would make me want to stay in the next apartment.
We went in and heard the dog.It doesn't sound very convincing in the house, although it sounds real outside.You can adjust the sensitivity and volume of the motion detector.In addition to the police dog, there are three other settings where motion detection will work to about 7 m or 21 feet.It also has a radar wave of 120 degrees, which means you can put it on the table and it covers a range up and down the front of the unit and spreads to 120 degrees.
There is a rain forest mode that keeps playing rain forest sounds;Birds, rain, rustling leaves, etc.For example, when a customer enters your store, there is a motion detection mode for the rainforest, which starts to play.The third mode is dog barking, which will send out loud alarms to further drive out the gangsters.
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