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by:UMeasure     2019-07-11
Measuring blood pressure is a painless and simple procedure most of us take at some point in our lives.In addition, the information obtained from this simple procedure provides us with useful information about the condition of the heart and the condition of the blood vessels.So far, you may want to know how your blood pressure is measured.
When you measure your blood pressure, your doctor tells you that, say, your blood pressure is 120/80.120 represents the systolic blood pressure or maximum pressure in the arteries when your heart beats and transports blood through the body, while 80 represents the lowest pressure in the arteries when the heart is resting, at the moment of beating.Both systolic and systolic blood pressure play a vital role in measuring your blood pressure, as any increase in both means that you have high blood pressure or high blood pressure.
Certain steps are also required to measure blood pressure.First of all, for those who need to relax their blood pressure and sit comfortably, it is important that his/her arms are well supported.However, in some special cases, the patient can lie on the examination chair while measuring his/her blood pressure.
The steps for measuring blood pressure are as follows: 1.The inflatable cuff is wrapped around the upper arm and then kept in place by Velcro, and there is a tube that leads out the rubber bulb from the inflatable cuff.This rubber bulb is used to inflate the cuffs.
There is also another tube that leads from the sleeve to the mercury reservoir located at the bottom of the vertical glass column.The pressure placed on the cuff is shown in the mercury column.Mercury is used to show the measurement of blood pressure, which is why it is kept in the sealing system.
The air is then pumped into the cuff, thereby increasing the pressure, and then you will feel the cuff tightening around your upper arm.4.Then the doctor will put the stethoscope on your arm and then listen to your pulse while slowly releasing air from the cuffs.5.When your doctor hears the first pulse, he measures the systolic blood pressure;The sound of your pulse will slowly disappear and then disappear.
On the other hand, from the moment your doctor can't hear the sound of your pulse, it starts to measure the comfort of the heart.7.All of this is measured with mm mercury or mercury.In addition, there are other ways to measure blood pressure, which can be easily used at home through an automatic blood pressure meter.
These electronic blood pressure measuring devices are slowly replacing the usual mercury blood pressure measuring tools as Mercury is found to have a dangerous effect in nature.In addition to this, these electronic blood pressure measuring devices are also effective in providing accurate blood pressure measurements, and most importantly, it eliminates human errors in blood pressure measurement
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