digital measuring tape - digital measuring tape

by:UMeasure     2019-09-11
digital measuring tape  -  digital measuring tape
I 've been thinking of a tape measure that will never end and can measure something long.
So I decided to make a small odometer and make a digital tape measure with it.
I'm using one of the previous computer's mice, one of them, and one of the sensors (
The rest of my crazy mouse for another project)
Make this simple tape measure.
Do you want to do it yourself?
If so, please read the rest of this manual.
Weld two legs on the plate to keep the shaft encoder wheel, open the easy tape and adjust the position of the gear.
Rotating wheels must result in an increase in the number of displays, and rotating wheels must result in a decrease in the number of displays.
Finally, connect the wheel to the tooth-shaped axle directly or using some gear and put all the gears in a box.
The state change of the two irreciversthat sequences contained in the irrecivercomponent indicates the direction rotation (00 10 11 01 00. . .
And 00 01 11 10 00. . . ).
One of the IR receivers is connected to the A4 pin and the other to the B0 pin.
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