digital imaging line laser sensor profiles cross-sections of tires. - line laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-08
digital imaging line laser sensor profiles cross-sections of tires.  -  line laser
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Elastic sensor for size digital imaging line can be used to analyze cross
Parts of various rubber and tire products. The Ethernet-
It is said that the ready UDP Protocol Class II SelcomEyeCon Series 1000 line laser sensor combines advances in digital technology, image processing and laser line projection.
According to the company, it processes more data than many other scanning systems, scans more points on horizontal measurement lines, integrates simply and does not require a controller.
Key features are said to include on-the-
Field 2D profile measurements of material and equipment changes increase the operator's control over greater throughput, reduce waste, and strengthen production controls to achieve optimal uniformity and product quality.
In the tire industry, the main purpose of the EyeCon Series 1000 line laser sensor is on the preparation side of the factory, such as tire extrusion width and profile, tire lateral and radial runout, edge control of plate and measurement of calender rubber.
The application range is measured from the width on the roller to the side and radial beat of the uncured tire, the tire construction measurement check to the completed wheel positioning, and the material volume on the conveyor belt.
Two sensors can be used for profile analysis at the edge of the material.
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