digital distance measurement meter PG&E restores power to SmartMeter protesters

by:UMeasure     2019-07-20
digital distance measurement meter PG&E restores power to SmartMeter protesters
Pacific Gas and Power is ending an embarrassing standoff.On Friday, the company said it would restore power to a small group of customers who removed their new smart meters out of fear that wireless devices would make them sick.The decision affected about half.A dozen PG & E customers, most in Santa Cruz County, pay electricians to replace smart meters with more traditional analog models.To stop others from following suit, PG & E cut off their power.At first, utilities insisted that it would restore power only if these people agreed to have PG & E install another smart meter.On Thursday, the company offered a second option, saying customers could also choose digital meters without wireless transmitters.But some opponents of smart meters still insist that digital meters contain electricitySwitch equipment that produces harmful emissions.As a result, PG & E said on Friday that after the first removal of an unauthorized analog meter, it will restore power to the remaining home.Until the California Public Utilities Commission decides whether to create an option, the houses will have no electricity and gas meters at allMake plans for people who don't want wireless smart meters.The committee may vote on this issue in the medium term.January."This is a temporary solution in a very unique situation," said PG & E spokesman Greg Snapper .".Before voting, these customers will receive estimated bills based on their past use of electricity and gas."This is a good thing --Now, "said Bianca Carn of Santa Cruz, whose power was cut off on Tuesday.Since then, her two children have been sleeping in their grandmother's house."I think I can get the Christmas tree this weekend," she said .".The extraordinary actions of PG & E do not resolve potential disputes.It is believed that radiation from mobile phones, laptops and other wireless devices can cause disease and that smart meters are a serious public danger, and they oppose the $2 for PG & E.Efforts to install electricity meters in northern and central California have reached 2 billion.PG & E insists that electricity meters are safe and the idea that this wireless signal will affect human health remains a subject of intense debate among researchers.The utilities commission will consider two possible optionsout plans.No one will let PG & E customers keep their old analog meters.One plan allows them to choose a smart meter with the transmitter off, and the other allows them to choose a digital meter without the transmitter.These customers will also pay an additional fee, which PG & E says is necessary for the meter reader that collects data in person.Monise Sheehan of Aptos, after complaining to PG & E about her smart meter, received a digital meter with no transmitter.Shortly after installing the wireless smart meter, she said her legs and arms began buzzing and her head was under a lot of pressure.But the transmitterThe free meter did not eliminate her symptoms, she said.Sheehan and other smart meter critics say that switching power supplies within digital meters can produce an electrical interference that can be transmitted through the home line and affect people who are "electrocuted.Sheehan said of the transmitter: "This is not a real choice --"free meter."I ended up buying a simulation device, hiring an electrician and taking it out."PG & E decided to restore power after hearing from customers and government officials.California Sen.Joe Simitian spoke with PG & E executives and urged them to "take a step back and take a deep breath," he said "."I have no problem with the smart meter itself --I just think it's too much, "said D-Simitian.Palo Alto."It's not appropriate for a bill --Paying customers interrupt electricity during the ongoing process of CPUC.They are not like walking down the street and buying electricity from another utility."E-mail David R.Baker dbaker @
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