design by numbers: simple standards to instantly improve your living room layout - most accurate laser measure

by:UMeasure     2019-10-15
design by numbers: simple standards to instantly improve your living room layout  -  most accurate laser measure
It sounds simple. In terms of design, numbers are everything.
More specifically, measurement is the key.
Needless to say, you want your new sand hair to fit your imagination, but, make sure it actually makes a sharp turn through the corridor, and is also indispensable to achieving the amazing design you imagine.
That's why Steven Sabados, our experienced design expert, takes the time to share some simple but enlightened tips to make numbers useful to you when designing your space --
Believe us when we say they will come in handy.
TradeTape's measuring tools, while very simple, can be frustrating using tape measurements
A bad measure could ruin the whole project.
Even Steven Sabados used to mess up his size: he forgot to measure the entire edge of a fancy headboard and ended up scratching the floor at his client's home.
In order to make the design process as simple as possible, look for new progress in the tape measure, such as the tape measure that marks the score for convenience.
Something as simple as a clearly marked tape will save you time and may even give you a headache once or twice.
Laser measurement this tool saves the time it takes to measure anything in the home and is 100% accurate.
The laser measurement sends the laser pulse to the target and measures the time required for the reflection to return.
The device also considers its own size, so you lean the back against one wall and put your laser beam on the other --
Or where the measurement ends.
Then press the measurement button.
This is instant, ultra-precise and perfect for renos and may make you wonder why you have spent so many years dealing with the tape measure.
Any new design project requires some precise planning before the furniture is incorporated, equipped with your best measuring tools.
Measuring before you decorate seems to be given, but this step is often overlooked and can lead to a narrow space that seriously affects the flow of your space.
There are some basic gaps in a typical living room.
Walking is always best to keep at least 36 "for sidewalks ".
Anything tighter will be uncomfortable.
If you're in a smaller space like an apartment, Steven realizes that it can be a bit difficult to keep so much space between the two.
Instead, imagine having lighter furniture, or keeping a 3 feet distance from the wall to the coffee table, as seen in Steven's chart, rather than a footpad.
Stay between the sofa and the coffee table 20 ".
If you are in a smaller space, 18 "is the smallest space that is absolutely bare, because your knees will touch the coffee table in any narrow place.
Also, less space makes it more difficult to stand up and leave the sofa if you're sitting with someone else --
It can help you avoid walking like a crab.
The dialogue area should be no more than 96 "wide.
So when you arrange the living room, try to keep the distance between the sofa and the accent chair.
More than 8 feet of things, you will have a hard time chatting with another person --
Unless you want to yell across the room.
The most important one on the sofa to TV list, this measurement depends on your living space.
The rule of thumb is to keep the distance twice the size of the TV (in inches)
Between the sofa and the TV.
Note that this distance should be the seat part of the sofa, not the back of the sofa.
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