day 1: crew135 settle into the hab - laser measuring meter

by:UMeasure     2019-11-02
day 1: crew135 settle into the hab  -  laser measuring meter
The first day of the use of Crew135, on, look around and learn about the Home Affairs Bureau.
They checked their supplies, their fuel, their water, and their four-one.
Car (ATVs).
The "room" is very small and there is only enough space to turn and enter the berth.
"It's about 8 square meters," Ondrej said with a laser measuring device in his right hand . ".
"I need to measure the shared room now, so put on safety glasses.
Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)
It consists of a large habitat called "Hab" and a smaller greenhouse for growing fresh fruits and vegetables, called "Green Hab ".
Home Affairs Bureau is one or two
Horizontal circular building with laboratory, air-
Living space, personal room with window, lock (
Except for the commander's room)
Other facilities.
Learn more about the Hab layout and a kitchen corner with a fridge, but all the dry food and ingredients don't look very appealing.
"Dear, we will have this for the next two weeks.
"At least we have a dry lighthouse," said crew engineer Martin . ".
Lucie works in a greenhouse and tests LED lights that grow lettuce.
"Fresh vegetables are very important in space, not just for health reasons, but it also greatly improves the morale of the crew," said Lucie, a Greenab official . ".
But don't expect a lot of fresh lettuce during the mission because the temperature is too low.
Temperature can drop-
Overnight at 10 °c or lower temperatures, so maintaining a reasonable temperature in a greenhouse will be a challenge.
"Fresh food has a psychological impact in space, but there is not much research done in this area," said Lucy, inspired by purple LED lights.
Ondrej said in front of our communication window with "Earth": "Please Elif, can you send out the crew scientist report today ? ".
Crew135 must be ready to respond promptly to all requests from CapCom.
In real communication from Mars to Earth, it takes at least 20 minutes for information to reach its destination.
This is also the last task of the day.
It's time to eat a fast food made of dry food and then go to the berth of the eight-square-meter room.
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