cutting out the delivery man in british online retail trial - laser light distance measurement

by:UMeasure     2019-10-30
cutting out the delivery man in british online retail trial  -  laser light distance measurement
LONDON (Reuters)-
If an online retailer, Ocado, tries to get a green light for self-driving groceries delivered directly to your doorstep, the British milkman may be in the past.
It uses a self.
8 containers capable of carrying 128 kg (282lb)
We have served coffee, chocolate and other items over the last two weeks.
"It seems like a very exciting experience," said Tobie Cusson, speaking of the CargoPod trial in southern London, which involved food from health, movie night snacks or high
End of coffee and chocolate.
Cusson added: "When I order online, I despise paying the delivery fee, so any type of technology can reduce the cost of providing the delivery fee, which is very much for me
When CargoPod arrives, a container lights up and opens by pressing a button, and Ocado says the technology can be rolled out globally to traditional retailers over a decade.
Vehicles include cameras and LiDAR sensors.
It measures the distance to the target by shining the target with a pulse laser
Detect any obstacles.
In this trial, a safety driver and Ocado delivery personnel were also on board, but Paul Clarke, Ocado's chief technology officer, said the technology would launch unmanned delivery by 2021.
"It won't get everywhere, but in some areas it makes sense to do so," Clark said . " In addition, Ocado also needs to understand how potential barriers to legislation and insurance are evolving.
Last month, the government outlined a plan for an automatic and electric vehicle bill designed to improve self-
The company said it would be worth 28 billion ($36. 3 billion)by 2035. ($1 = 0. 7720 pounds)
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