cult of hockey game grades: flames stomped by edmonton the way oilers used to get stomped - best laser line level

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cult of hockey game grades: flames stomped by edmonton the way oilers used to get stomped  -  best laser line level
Calgary's flames were stepped on by oil workers in Edmonton in a way similar to how oil workers used to be stepped on. Edmonton’s 7-to-
Since 2013, there are many factors in the loss of oil workers.
The darkest day of a decade of failure.
Edmonton won the pitch and dominated Calgary in terms of physical fitness, as the opposing team has done to oil workers in the past.
Edmonton defender Adam Larsson slammed the best player in Calgary, Johnny gaudelau, and the flame did not respond in kind, as the oil workers often do when Taylor Hall or Sam Gagner is knocked, there will be no reaction.
Edmonton scored more chances than the flame, 12-to-
10, part of the reason is that the flame missed the net in so many close shots.
Their coaches will be bothered by the attempts to fail in a nightmare.
But the best thing about the flame is Corsi, who scored 77 shots and scored 40 shots.
So, like the crappy oil workers of late, the flame can have a moral victory here, even if they lose to Edmonton for the fourth time in a row, according to CHED's great broadcaster, Reid Wilkins, it was their longest run-off against oil companies since 1986.
8-year-old Conor Mike David
A standard good game for mcdevid, he scored a beautiful ball and played the role of captain (
Got a full level boost)
After the hard child grabbed Mike David's linemate dradraisaitl with a late man, Matthew texchuk was in the flamesish hit.
The McD doesn't even take the lead in power, which will be like his every night on the best d-
In this case, the people in the other team had daogi Hamilton and Mark zodano.
They played for about nine minutes against David.
Leon de la set, 7
I had a sweet meal in order to set the goal of McDavid, but on a quiet night, even with strength.
Lost a neutral zone battle later in the first battle, which brought a great chance to flame Florek.
In the electric race, the puck also turned over and frorick recharged in a dangerous opportunity.
However, it was dangerous all night, and in the power game the puck was on his stick and scored on six PP scoring opportunities.
So he improved his grade.
Patrick Maroon, 5.
He harassed the flame goalkeeper enough to contribute to Mike David's goal, but also made a bad giveaway on powerplay that led to Sean Monahan's flame goal.
Maroon is not a physical strength in this game, which we are looking forward. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 7.
The child flew outside, leading the best route for oil companies in the evening. An empty-
Net goals, assists and some good two-
Overall, it was a good night.
The only thing I'm going to add is that, as Eberle did in recent races, RNH has to be more powerful and even greedy when it comes to internal scoring.
Jordan Ebel, 9
Seeing how great and dangerous Eberle is to return to his former self, run with ice hockey, attack confidently and firmly, you can make up for any number of defensive mistakes with this attack skill.
Eberle got 4 points and ranked first in 9 scoring opportunities.
There are four scoring opportunities in total.
So you have a goal.
Benoit Pouliot, 7
I loved his performance on Eberle's second goal, he struggled in the corner to win the puck and then opened a sharp crossSewed-Benin.
The pace of the game at Pouliot is slowing down, roughly the same speed as his slow increase in batting and hockey protection.
Drake carguula, 6.
It was a night with not much activity but not a bad one.
Over the past few weeks, I have performed well in the center, playing with more enthusiasm, speed and courage.
I 've been wondering in the past if he could be the new Todd Markant, and that's another thought in recent games. Milan Lucic, 6.
Luch made some mistakes in his chances against the goal, including not getting the puck on Calgary's last goal, but he played hard at other times.
His battle with Deryk Engelland is another example of oil workers showing that they are ready to meet the flame challenge and make the most of it.
7-year-old Anton spished
Great target, shooting with flame d-laserAs a person with a screen.
It was only 10 minutes but found a way to make his mark and did not make any major mistakes. Mark Letestu, 7
Is there a better fourth line center for this year's NHL than Letestu because he wasn't asked to do much, and now almost every shift is surrounded by physical wingers, who crushed it in that character.
A beautiful goal.
The goal of the timer is to actually burn it up in the first game, giving Edmonton two gamesgoal lead.
Made a few mistakes in the late game (
And Matt Hendricks and Chris Russell)
Contributed to some chances for the flame to score, but the game is over.
6-year-old Matt Hendricks
It's a sneaky half.
Sam Bennett plays the clothesline in the flame, but fortunately there is no serious injury.
Have a good chance of scoring
Feed from the hands of RNH.
Disregard the actuarial table and find a way to contribute. 7-year-old Zach karxian
Underrated team members
In this game, Edmonton's body pushes a large part to lead the team in five hits.
Set up Letestu on beautiful feed. Adam Larson, 7
His extended pass kicked off Eberle's first goal and missed goal --
When David scored
Kick the ice hockey start RNH empty-
The same is true for Net sequences. Not bad.
Mainly against Mikel Ballon, Michael frorick and Matthew texchuk, but in the game against gaudelau he played long enough to be
Larsson made some defensive mistakes, but nothing significant because oil workers kept most of the fire shooting outside.
Finally, Larsson sent a cross-check of the message to the pest Tkachuk: "Meet New oil workers!
What do you think of us ? "
After a hard game with Nashville, I had a quiet night.
Tore it up on power play and scored a ball in a tough deflection shot.
Is Klef the answer to the team's PP quarterback situation?
He has a good shot.
He got 6 PP scoring chances in the match against the flame.
Andre cerkla, 7
The combination of Sekera and Russell can best face the noble gaudelaw.
According to NaturalStatTrick, they played about seven minutes against gaudelau.
The two also performed best against Sean Monahan and his team.
It is commendable that Sekera has barely given up, although he was indeed beaten by Frolik in an oil worker power race. Chris Russell, 5 years old
On the positive side, he made a stretch pass and set Maroon and de lasset on the-level opportunity.
He was strong for most of the game, but after the game he made four mistakes in Calgary's chances.
So it's not a perfect game, but it's a good game given the quality of the game he's facing.
Brandon Davidson and Matt Benning, 7The third-
Pairing played only 13 minutes in the game but barely gave up.
Both players pulled the pass straight and real, made a sharp position decision and performed well in their own area.
This game is the closest to Davidson's 2015.
This is good news for oil workers.
Laurent Brossoit, 8 years old.
The game could have gone in another direction, but busssott had a quick brake 10 minutes before the start of the game. And flame starter Charlie Johnson scored three goals in his three difficult shots.
This game will give Brossoit another start.
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