corneal surgeon bags two international awards - cross laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-16
corneal surgeon bags two international awards  -  cross laser
Regional medical director, Dr. Lional Raj
Agarwal's eye hospital Tirunelveli won two scientific research awards at the recently held American Society for corneal and refractory surgery (ASCRS)
San Diego, CaliforniaHis first prize.
"Cross" and win Research
Linked donor cornea in Boston Type 1 artificial cornea to resist infection and melting-the focus of the case series is on the use of cross-linking procedures for corneal transplants in donor cornea to reduce infection rates.
The second research paper deals with "femto-assisted cross-linking inhibition of progress in the cornea: Longitudinal Study", which is about patients with the cornea using femto laser crossover
Link to prevent disease progression. Dr.
Over the past two years, Lional has won 10 international awards for its research work, a record of eye studies.
He has been working on several other areas of research related to the prevention of blindness, an official statement from the doctor
Agarwal Eye Hospital said.
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