contrast of 83% in reflection measurements on a single quantum dot - laser light measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-18
contrast of 83% in reflection measurements on a single quantum dot  -  laser light measurement device
We report high optical contrast between individual self-photon emission
Assembled quantum dots (QD)and the back-
Scattering excitation laser.
In an optimized semiconductor heterogeneous structure with an extended growth gate, optical-
The matching layer structure and the distributed Prague reflector get the record value of 83%;
Even 885% tilt laser excitation.
This makes the measurement of a single point without a lock
Suppress laser background technically or by crossingpolarization.
These findings are execution time at the same time-
Resolution and polarization
Correlation resonance spectra on a single quantum dot.
Self-excitation of extended growth
Assembly of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs)
Is a promising candidate for quantum information and communication technology.
Resonance fluorescence is a possibility of widespread use that can solve the excitonic transition by resonance in a single QD and produce a single, hard-to-distinguish photon.
Typically, this requires laser background suppression of several orders of magnitude, E. G. g. , by a dark-
Field technology based on cross
Polarization or vertical QD excitation and photon detection.
Another possibility is differential reflection (transmission)
Where quantum dots are periodically driven in and out of resonance and QD photons are distinguished from reflections (transmitted)
Laser from lockin technique.
However, the biggest change in reflection so far (i. e.
Contrast between QD photon and event reverse
Scattering laser)
About 12% of light is observed, although 85% of light is reflected by a single point
It is predicted in theory.
Here we report an optimized semiconductor heterogeneous structure with embedded self.
Assembled InAs/AAS quantum dots showing the recorded value of the contrast in the reflection measurement.
Sample grown by extension p-
Doping gate of distributed Prague reflector (DBR)
And the layer structure with optical standing waves matching the QD layer.
This optimized sample structure shows up to 83% contrast in vertical geometry, where the optical path of the excitation laser is parallel to the detection method of QD photons.
By tilting the excitation laser against the detection path, a higher value of more than 800% can be obtained.
This allows to separate the QD signal from the laser background without the need to cross
Polarization or locking
In technology and make polarizationand time-
Resolution spectra on a single quantum dot.
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