coin-operated parking becomes ancient history as apps, sensors take over cities - digital distance measurement meter

by:UMeasure     2019-11-03
coin-operated parking becomes ancient history as apps, sensors take over cities  -  digital distance measurement meter
LOS ANGELES —The last coin-
Meter, which was withdrawn from downtown Portland, Oregon in 2016, now lives in a local museum of history.
Welcome to the future, after Netflix and Spotify, you'll never have to look around to add parking to your monthly subscription list soon.
Today, visitors to the city center's 1,900 parking lot use Portland's "parking Kitten"
Technical meters connected to smartphone applications.
3 minutes before your time expires, when you pay, the app will make a beep to remind you to go back to the car or ask for an extra amount of time to be paid. High-
Tech parking is not unique to Portland, it may be 1 m near you.
The coin meter has been handed over to the digital meter 8 of the top 10 in the United StatesS.
There are different degrees of complexity in cities.
Start with pay-by-
The phone has been extended to the current payment portfolio via credit card and/or app.
The next phase of this technology uses cameras to automatically track your parking through license plates, then charge your account, and now has started to promote in some cities.
It has raised some concerns about privacy.
The American Civil Liberties Union said on its website that the use of license plate readers is far more than making parking easier.
They're also following our every move.
The Reader "has the potential to create a permanent record of almost all of us, fundamentally changing the consequences of leaving home to pursue a private life, and opening up many opportunities for abuse.
"There are a lot of incentives for cities: an increase in revenue, a decrease in human resources used to check instruments. And the apps (
ParkMe, SpotHero)
Additional benefits are also provided to drivers, such as finding open space or reminding you of tools (Parker)
Where you parked.
"The parking industry did not have these options ten years ago.
We are trying to grow as quickly as possible, "said saysMalisa McCreedy, department manager at Portland transportation.
Kitty launched in May, accounting for 6% of Portland's parking deals.
Early years: Salary-by-
As consumer financial choices change, more plastic than coins carry, the industry gives paid callsby-phone a try.
But this is a complicated process that requires writing down the code for the meter ad, dialing the specified phone number, entering the number and your credit card number.
Therefore, the usage of paymentby-
In Boston, phone sales are "single digits," says Kristopher Carter, a partner company.
President, Mayor's Office of New City mechanics, Boston.
Apps related to credit cards are more popular, accounting for 75% of Boston payments.
The two-year-old parkboston app counted 3 million transactions in Boston's 8,000 spaces last year.
Carter added that parking revenue increased and ticket issuance decreased.
"When there is a countdown on your phone and a sound reminder, it's easier to pay and avoid tickets," Carter said . ".
With apps like ParkBoston, smartphone owners can download apps, register and store credit card information.
When parking, enter the code and confirm the license plate that identifies your car.
In addition to parking transactions, the average fee paid using these apps is 35 cents.
The municipal parking lot is dominated by two companies. by-
App in MI: Charlotte-
Portland apps and apps from Boston, Chicago, London and other big cities and Atlanta-
Headquartered in ParkMobile, its app works with meters in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and San Jose.
ParkMobile, which will be launched later this year in Phoenix, Passport takes its app to the San Antonio and Los Angeles Metro car park, where commuters park before taking an early train to work.
Camera replaces attendees with the launch of smart parking appA.
Shopping mall Westfield Century City, you don't even need to enter the code once you download this app.
The camera recognizes the license plate of the car and charges you accordingly.
Westfield said the technology would be rolled out to other stores in 2018.
"License plates are the direction of the industry," said Bob Youakim, CEO of Passport . ".
The old way is for a parking staff to drive back and forth on the street, look at the meters and see if you have paid the full amount.
Next way: let the camera do the work.
"The city can scan 100 license plates in a minute.
"Manually check if your space is paid," Youakim said . ".
Many analysts believe that we will still have smartphones for 10 years or more from now.
So far, we are going into the future, and many of us may be sitting behind and having robots drive us to work on our owndriving cars.
Youakim predicts that by 2027, we will pay for home subscriptions, which will provide us with a certain number of monthly mileage shares of connected cars, and his business will focus on providing Car Charging Technology to municipalities.
For now, parking via the app is as convenient as it is ,(
In Washington, 65% of all parking fees are paid through the ParkMobile app)
Robots are not always right.
In Portland, some parkers complained on Twitter that tickets could not be obtained because the app did not read its license plate correctly.
Or you don't have a smartphone (
Although this is becoming more and more rare)
There is only one flip phone.
Concerns about licenses
License plate tracking is not far-fetched.
Gene Technology in Montreal
The company, known as the leader in government license plate recognition technology, has hyped its "citywide surveillance video system" on its website, where lpr is a subset of it.
On the good side, imagine living in the future on a larger, wider sidewalk, a sidewalk without a parking meter.
"The potential is that we can't see how many meters on the side of the road," Carter from Boston said . ".
When you enter your space, the camera will recognize the license plate and pay the time directly to the city, thus eliminating the need for those long periods of time, A silver device that has left traces on our sidewalk since the 1930 s.
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Photo: NY: parktolelos Los Angeles: ParkMobile Chicago: PassportHouston: ParkMobile Philadelphia: ParkMobile Phoenix: launched with ParkMobile in 2018.
San Antonio: the tender was launched on 2018.
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