cny cheer for 80 young patients - handheld measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-24
cny cheer for 80 young patients  -  handheld measurement device
No one likes to stay away from family and friends during the Chinese New Year-especially when you are a child.
It is on the basis of such an idea that Duwa once again came to xuelayang hospital, bringing festive joy to the pediatric ward.
10 volunteers and UFirst mascot Ari of the national carmaker distributed ang pow and hampers with bundles and stationery to about 80 children.
The children had a pleasant smile on their faces and were also entertained for lunch.
"We hope that our meager contribution today can evoke the Spring Festival spirit of the children and hard-working staff who will not celebrate at home this year, and Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, president and CEO of perodua, talks about the company's long term
Long-term charitable commitment in the pediatric ward of the hospital.
Ngu handed the pulse oximeter to Dr. Selva.
"Last spring festival, we presented three Ambu bags to the pediatric ward (
Handheld respirator)
And distributed some lunch boxes to all the children.
"We have been in touch with the xuelanyang hospital to find out what they need and want.
Over the next few years, we have planned many activities for the children, including puppet and clown performances, coloring and singing --alongs.
"Our volunteers will also help maintain and improve the children's play area by purchasing more toys and books as well as decoration and cleaning," Zainal Abidin said . ".
Perodua also provides three pulse oximeters for the pediatric ward (
Oxygen measuring device
There are also six portable screens worth yuan.
Albert Ngu, chief engineer at Perodua, presented the projects on behalf of the car manufacturer to Dr. Selva Kumar, head of the Department of Pediatrics.
"Perodua wishes all Malaysians a healthy, happy and happy new year.
"Be sure to make sure your vehicle is in good condition and drive home safely, politely and responsibly to your loved ones," added Zainal Abidin . ".
To ensure road safety, Perodua's free mobile vehicle inspection team Tweckbot has checked 125 cars
Until the Chinese New Year.
Since 2011, the team has been helping to ensure the road adaptability of Perodua vehicles during the festival with a free 50-
Inspection of nearly 7,000 carsdate.
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