chris boardman: how to enjoy cycling in your middle-age - measuring devices distance

by:UMeasure     2020-02-15
chris boardman: how to enjoy cycling in your middle-age  -  measuring devices distance
"My Life by bike has changed a lot over the years, and the beauty of cycling is that-unlike any other sport-it means different things to different people, even for the same person, there are different things at different times in their lives.
"When I was a child, cycling was my way to have fun and explore further.
Then it became my social life and my movement.
Then it became my job.
It has become a fun and adventurous way since I retired.
"Now I don't bring any measuring devices to read the map except the app.
I don't care about my speed, pulse or power.
Cycling has returned to the easy way to explore where I am, the way to stay healthy, and the way to go to the bar.
I am very happy about this.
"Cycling is a great way of transportation, and this is the key here: People talk about exercise, but the best way to exercise from a bike is to completely forget to exercise, use it only for what you usually do, such as going to a store or a coffee shop.
If you do these things by bike, you won't even notice that you are doing any sports because you are just enjoying it.
For example, my daughter's partner just started riding a bike to work-
He was raving about seven miles all the way.
On top of that, he rides 100 miles a week by bike, but actually wins time because he doesn't have to go to the gym or do anything else.
Integrate the bike into your daily life and everyone will win.
"I mainly like to ride bicycles these days --road.
It's not something that's challenging-anything that involves a double pause, I shouldn't be there.
But I like the fact that there are no roads, gravel tracks and paths, and I will also look for those terrain. A two-hour ride off-
The road is the way I like to ride.
I have some great bike paths on the verals peninsula where I live and I have some great adventures in Scotland. I keep a cyclo-
Bike and hard-tailed mountain bikes at home.
Cross bike is a great invention and people just wake up.
"Cycling is a wonderful way to get into cycling.
You don't have to do these things in the club.
You don't have to know anything about them.
You can choose to stop and chat at each feed station, or treat it as a match with your friends, or anything between the two.
I still like to do sports by myself occasionally.
I did Etape Caledonia from Pitlochry with about 5,000 people and it was a great journey on closed roads.
I'm glad it's just potter.
I'm almost.
The competition is fierce these days.
I really enjoyed L'Eroica sport, a celebration of the bike and the countryside.
This is not a high speed shot with Leica.
It was just a great trip and the food was great and it was my favorite activity.
I don't do any group rides in my area anymore because you need a certain level of fitness and punctuality to organize your time in the group and I'm too lazy now.
"Riding a bicycle is not heavy --
As a result, injuries are often very low.
There is no discord so it is very helpful to take care of your joints.
With no emphasis on bones and tendons, you can get good cardiovascular and muscle exercises, which is perfect for older riders.
I like running too, but it is not very tolerant.
"You will find that a lot of people who are injured like rugby players continue to find bicycles and it is very interesting to meet them and see their enthusiasm.
What a wonderful sport it is! ’ they say.
I said, "Yes, I know!
"If you want a little sport challenge, you can take organized bike Sports and aim for good times.
If you miss some competitive challenges, you can still find them in the bike race.
"If you're one of those chasing time, it's very important to remember aerodynamics.
About 80 lbs of air resistance comes from your front area, so a little smaller makes a big difference.
"I'm going to open a wind tunnel next year so people can buy an hour and play in their location.
It is one thing to tell that there is a big difference in aerodynamics, and it is another thing to see it.
But overall you just want to make sure you don't wear your flying clothes that are very slow.
"If you want to take part in your first sport, the most important thing is to ride regularly.
But if you want to put a little pressure on yourself just aim at this effort and if you're having a conversation you need to stop and breathe from time to time and you're a little sweaty.
That's why it's a great way to ride to work.
Riding two or three times a week can keep you healthy.
"There are still three weeks left to try to ride longer cars around three quarters of the event.
It doesn't mean you can't stop on the road, but stop on an outing.
A longer ride will help you build a sugar dollar store in your muscles.
For a few long rides, your body can adapt almost immediately by storing more energy.
"If you have the right place on the bike, you will prefer to ride it.
Talk to the people at the local bike shop and let them see where you are.
When I saw that the new rider did something wrong, I noticed that the main thing was that the saddle height was not good.
A lot of bike shops are suitable for cycling and it's easy to get advice on Google.
But the low saddle and the high saddle are the most common mistakes and are worth looking for some advice.
"Nutrition is overused in cycling.
If your diet is healthy and most people know what's healthy, then you don't have to be too technical.
Just eat carbs.
A big meal before sports.
"Gel and energy bars are not required for each ride.
That would be great if you like, but you can have sandwiches.
Personally, I 'd rather have a sandwich-you get the same calories as a sandwich and it's more delicious.
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