china in talks for sale of jet engine technology to germany - laser level for sale

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china in talks for sale of jet engine technology to germany  -  laser level for sale
China is negotiating to sell the German government-of-the-
Art machinery and technology are essential in manufacturing high-tech
A senior government scientist revealed that the performance of the jet engine.
The scientist said the turbine blades produced by the machine can withstand temperatures several hundred degrees Celsius above the melting point of metal alloys.
The scientist involved in the negotiations asked not to be named because the matter was sensitive.
The turbine blade converts the heat generated by the burning fuel into the energy that drives the aircraft.
Blades are one of the most important components on modern aircraft, both military and civilian, and their quality determines the safety, strength and durability of jet engines.
Advances in technology can be a very important step. in-
China is currently the world's largest commercial aircraft market.
Airbus and Boeing have ordered thousands of aircraft, and China is also developing its own C919. Sino-
Russian wide-body jet
In recent years, the advanced engine, a huge leap on the blade
The combination of processing technology and breakthrough in alloy casting and aerodynamics design has enabled China to produce a brand
New series of powerful military jet engines.
The most striking example is WS-
15 turbofan jet engine designed for use in China J-
20 stealth fightersThe WS-
15 has gone through reliability issues, but state media boasted last year that its performance is comparable to the Pratt & Whitney F119, the world's most advanced military jet engine, which was developed for Lockheed Martin in the United States.
Raptor stealth fighter
China and the United States are the only countries in the world that have tactical stealth fighters serving.
"We are willing to share our latest hardware and technology with German industrial partners," the scientist said . ".
"The industrial representative of both sides has completed the first round of contact.
National exports --of-the-
German art machinery-traditionally high
High-quality products will enhance the international image of China's manufacturing industry, he said.
A delegation from Xi'an, the capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi province and the main production base of Chinese military aircraft engines, will visit Berlin early this year to draft export proposals with German counterparts, scientists said. Rolls-
Chairman Royce predicts China-
Scientists asked not to disclose the names of government and business bodies involved in the negotiations, as the negotiations were still in their initial stages.
Given the sensitivity of the machines and technologies involved, the agreement will require the approval of the governments of China and Germany, which can be used for military and civilian purposes.
Beijing supports a possible agreement.
"The cooperation between China and Germany in various fields has been continuously deepened, and the positive progress made has been widely recognized, which reflects the high level of China and Germany.
German relations, "the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday in response to the South China Morning Post's question about the negotiations.
"Prospects for cooperation between the two sides in the high-tech field
Technology and intellectual property are very promising . . . . . . We are willing to make joint efforts with Germany to promote new progress in cooperation in relevant fields based on the principles of mutual openness, mutual benefit and win-win development.
The German embassy in Beijing did not respond to requests for comment.
Professor Chen Jiang from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics participated in the development of the new jet engine of the Chinese air force. He said that if China provided military jet engine technology to Germany, he would not be surprised, it built the world's first jet fighter at the end of World War II and provided many jet engine components, including turbine blades, to US and British manufacturers.
He said China has powered military jet engine technology to get rid of Russian imports.
"In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has made some significant progress in many strategic areas.
But another Beijing
Jet engine scientists who have worked in Germany for many years say the deal may not be successful.
"Germany is an ally of the United States," he said . "
"There will be many restrictions on working with China in this sensitive technology area.
He said: "The German government and German companies also expressed concern about China's infringement of intellectual property rights through reverse engineering or direct copying.
Since 2010, the breakthrough of turbine blades in China has won numerous national science and technology awards.
They include the development of a unique hollow structure for the manufacture of lighter, stronger blades; new single-
Crystal alloy that can withstand high temperature;
A special film that can be applied to the surface of the blade to accelerate cooling.
Two national science and technology awards announced in Beijing this week were awarded the work of turbine blades: one for single crystal alloys and the other for mechanical grinding.
Chinese machinery use Chao, which is being discussed with Germans
Fast laser beams drill holes or other fine structures on turbine blades to allow air to flow through turbine blades and take away harmful heat.
Following stealth fighter jets and jumbo jets at Zhuhai Airshow, China's "secret weapon": Jet engine. Scientists in Xi'an say laser processing is widely used in jet engine manufacturing, but China is using a new technical method that is different from the traditional methods in the United States and Britain.
The United States, Britain and France are home to the world's top four jet engine manufacturers: General Electric)GE)
, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce-Royce and CFM.
One challenge, he said, is to achieve high production while maintaining low defect rates.
General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce
For decades, Royce has been working on the manufacture of turbine blades and has made the technology one of their biggest business secrets.
"Our machines have surpassed them in some benchmark tests," the scientist said . ".
"The Germans are increasingly interested in our technology.
Another researcher involved in the negotiations said the export of blade processors would be part of the broader jet engine cooperation between the two countries.
"In return, we will buy something else from them," he said . ".
"It can be hardware or technology.
The Germans are very good at the design and engineering of compressors [
Send fresh air into the combustion chamber].
"Professor Peng Jiahui, who studied laser processing technology at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said that many Chinese researchers and engineers working at GE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce --
After Royce returned to China, the pace of jet engine development was significantly accelerated.
A jury in the United States believes that mainland immigrants are plotting to smuggle Reaper drones and fighter engines into China, but a more important factor in driving China's technological innovation is the size of the market.
China serves more than 1,700 military aircraft, second only to the United States.
The demand for turbine blades by the Chinese air force is still expanding rapidly, which requires the industry to come up with better manufacturing methods.
"China can produce the best mobile phones because there is huge demand," Peng said . "
"So is the jet engine.
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