case study - the royal london hospital - reducing the spread of infectious bacteria - long range proximity sensor

by:UMeasure     2019-08-23
case study - the royal london hospital - reducing the spread of infectious bacteria  -  long range proximity sensor
Reducing the spread of bacteria in hospitals is a key task.
The Armitage Shanks faucet and basin, recently installed in the Alexander wing of the Royal Hospital in London, is working to help defeat this aggressive enemy.
Everything about health services in our country is extravagant.
The largest organization in Europe;
In a typical week, more than 800,000 people will be treated in the NHS hospital clinic, more than 10,000 babies will be delivered by the NHS, and about 1,200 hip surgeries will be performed by the NHS surgeon, there were 3,000 cases of heart surgery and 1,050 cases of kidney surgery.
And, although more than 1.
4 million people are treated at home every week by NHS staff and for some, being hospitalized is doomed, one of the main reasonsto-the-
The hospital building and renovation projects are under way.
Britain's largest private funding programPFI)
A hospital project with a budget of 1.
1 billion and 10-
The annual plan is to transform the medical facilities of St basolomew Hospital and Royal London Hospital.
The Alexander building at the Royal Hospital in London has just installed 32 new en-
Suite bathroom and washing station is part of the "100 bed support project" with Armitage Shanks range of products that meet the standards of HTM 64.
Although, as mentioned in the development, it is only a small part of the "Bart plan", Alexander wing provides a huge sample of the high standard equipment used throughout the project.
The purpose of the reconstruction of the Alexander wing is to provide a long-lasting, easy-to-save and user-friendly private sanitary facility.
Architect HOK worked closely with the project contractor to create
The en suite bathroom is beautiful and practical, with high-quality Armitage Shanks ceramics, and has a service life that exceeds the hospital renovation cycle.
Laminated Panels can be removed when maintenance is required.
Almost all color combinations are possible and it is clear that we adhere to the guiding principles of the modern Disability Discrimination Act on color contrast.
In these highly utilized areas, it makes sense to apply high-quality products instead of cheap imported products.
The battle of infection has never been far from the mind of the fashion and installation team, and the product is chosen with this factor in mind.
One of the easiest ways to transfer infection is to use an inconspicuous faucet or mixer.
The modern Markwik series reduces contact transmission by eliminating places where infectious bacteria are hidden.
If a mixer with a proximity sensor or time flow sensor is installed, any type of contact can be prevented.
The proximity sensor is activated by the user's hand movement within its sensor range.
When manually stopping or moving out of the sensor range, it turns off the water;
This is mainly enough in areas where water conservation is respected.
By moving the hand to the same active time flow sensor on the sensor, the water will flow within the predetermined time set when the device is installed.
This is especially suitable for clinical scrub areas.
The Armitage Hill profile basin is used throughout the "batterplan.
And, as they often pair with the Markwik mixer, their design is to reduce the chance of crossinginfection.
There is no tap hole in the contour basin, so brass vessels must be installed on the wall;
This neat design makes the basin very easy to clean.
Similarly, since there are no overflow holes and chain holes, two areas that may carry bacteria can be eliminated.
The formation of the back outlet of the contour also has sanitary benefits;
First, water accumulation cannot be accommodated in the basin, and secondly, all garbage services can be hidden behind the paneling or pipes.
Over the past few years, with the emergence of S. Aureus and other "super bacteria", simple, even old-fashioned "wash your hands now" information has become more prominent
Bugs contracted in the hospital
The fashion of brass utensils and sanitary ware used in the hospital plays an important role in the safety of our hospital and the protection of the lives of employees and patients.
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