cars volvo's pedestrian detection works, usually - laser sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-03
cars          volvo\'s pedestrian detection works, usually  -  laser sensor
Clifford Atiyeh/Boston. com Staff)
Fake Bob is on the road of 2011 Volvo s60.
Volvo launched its first car brand in the industry in 2009.
The braking function of the x60c intersection extends the technology of detecting pedestrians and automobiles.
The original "urban safety" system uses a laser sensor to detect slow speed
Move or stop the vehicle and then make measurements against the driver input.
If the driver does not take any steps to avoid a collision, the car will step on the brakes and stop from 9 miles an hour.
Latest version, in long-
With a 2011 S60 overdue, it's smarter to stop the car from 22 mph, plus optional pedestrian detection.
BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz and other luxury carsBenz S-
Class uses a similar pedestrian system on their night vision display, but only warns the driver, not controls him. The S60 —Volvo's mid-size and best-selling model —
The technology will be launched for the first time this fall.
The price starts at $38,550 from the destination.
The detection feature is part of the $2,100 "technology" package.
We sampled it in a public presentation at Volvo village, Boston, Brighton, and while it was as surprising as the X60s we tested last year, pedestrian detection seemed to be confused in the crowd.
In the last few seconds of the video below, several bystanders stand on the far left and right side of the car, but the S60 leans forward.
The system works fine when no one is standing near the dummy.
How much writing and driving?
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