cargo sling is devised to eliminate hooks - small laser measuring device

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cargo sling is devised to eliminate hooks  -  small laser measuring device
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Washington, November. 3 —
Two young brothers running the Mariano systems company
On the Gulf coast of Los AngelesI.
This week, a cargo sling that was successfully used for docks, ships and warehouses was patented.
Patent of WeekFrank J. and Anthony P.
Marino transferred Patent No. 3,701,559 to the company, which was founded in 1930 by their father Larry.
Sling by about 90 feet of 2 inch polyester tape of Will Many bag coffee or bales put with so that they formed the unit can like this in storage and transport in transfer, until the destination is reached.
The Unitie sling eliminates the bag hooks that caused damage in the past. .
After placing the bag or parcel on the sling and attaching the strap, connect the winch line in order to lift the device.
Moore McCormack line
There are more than 20,000 slings.
Citing officials from the company and other companies, they praised the system for its efficiency in handling the goods and for reducing damage to the goods.
Firestone Tire and Rubber has tested more than a dozen units of sling for shipment of 3,000 pounds lbs of raw glue, with units totaling kg.
A physicist said that he had used an ancient and forgotten scientific principle to create a conversion instrument with amazing properties.
Lucian of Manas springs. J.
He is a retired physics professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and this week he won the 3,701,868 patent for his capillary switch.
He is expected to be used in circuit control of street lights, traffic signals, recordings, computer circuits, electrical relays and other operations.
It is wise for the Liquid-state device to adopt a micro-mercury column and a solution with or with alkali.
The application of the "fleapower" voltage can cause changes in surface tension when the liquid meets and bring about the movement of switching.
The inventor traced the basic scientific principles back to G. 'S explanation of electric chemistry in 1861.
Kunke from Jimani
In 1873, Gabriel Lippmann applied the idea to a meter or measuring device. Dr.
Lucian developed on the basis of Lipman's work.
The inventor is forming a company to develop and manufacture his clearing status switch.
He thinks it responds quickly and efficiently and runs on a micro-watt power supply.
Small size, light weight, low cost.
Since he got his PhDD.
In 1914, Professor Lucian was engaged in research and teaching in a wide range of scientific fields in physics at Yale University.
He has more than 20 patents.
This week's patented simulated boat diner in a restaurant will sit on the table on the simulated boat and rest in the pool.
They have decorative lights and umbrellas on their heads.
Drawings in patent 3,701,224, awarded to Edna G.
Moze of Charlotte. C.
Indicates that customers do not have to swim.
They can walk on board, which are actually small platforms, each big enough for a catering party.
A larger platform will provide a dance floor or support for orchestras and entertainers.
The ad is now a private secretary, and Miss mozil conceived the invention when she was a cashier at the Charlotte restaurant.
There, she noticed the customer's interest in a small swimming pool surrounded by bushes, a feature of the restaurant.
Miss mozil wants to arrange for her restaurant to be built ahead of schedule and she calls it the ship Concoct of mozil.
She will consider franchising hotels and motels.
Laser engraving bulbs research engineer in Bloomfield light Department, Westinghouse ElectricJ.
The method of carving a bulb with a laser or electronic beam. Clair M.
Rively and James Petro, senior technical information managers, won 3,701,880 of the company's patents this week.
When the bulb turns, the beam scans it and removes the surface part by evaporation or heat-induced rupture.
For guidance, the photocell scan surface has a prototype with the desired pattern.
To obtain a copy of the patent, distribute the number and $50 to the patent commissioner. Washington, D. C. 20231.
Design patents are 20 cents a piece.
If the given address is insufficient, contact the inventor or assignee.
Write the prompt care of the patent reviewer, be sure to quote the patent number.
A version of this file was printed on page 43 of the New York edition on November 4, 1972, with the title: The cargo sling was designed to eliminate the hooks.
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