call to ban mercury thermometers - measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-09-17
call to ban mercury thermometers  -  measuring devices
New research suggests that even low exposure to mercury can damage the brain of unborn children, and Ireland should act quickly to ban Mercury
An expert said yesterday that filled thermometers and other scientific devices using highly toxic substances were used.
Michael McKeon, nursing lecturer, Dublin City University (DCU)
He said more public information is needed on how women can protect themselves and their children from this powerful neurotoxin.
Mr. McKeon was a special speaker at a meeting organized by the Irish Society for the environment of physicians yesterday in Dublin (IDEA)
Point out only one Mercury
The filling thermometer may be at 20-acre lake.
"We would like to see Ireland ban the use of mercury in measuring devices, including health care devices such as blood pressure devices and thermometers," he said . ".
"Pharmacies should also stop selling Mercury.
"Fill in the thermometer to the unsuspecting parents who don't know they are easily broken and can pollute the family," he said . ".
Mercury has long been considered a major source of toxicity that leads to lower cognitive function (including low IQ) in children.
Earlier this year, Dutch pediatrician Gavin ten Tusscher said they now found that even if the exposure level is low, it can cause damage to the developing brain of the fetus and the baby.
A small result.
A scale study in 20 European countries, including Ireland, found that 95% of women of childbearing age had mercury levels detected.
Mr. McKeon is currently conducting a survey of nurses detailing the use of mercury in health care institutions in Ireland.
Although some hospitals have stopped using mercury-containing devices, they are still available in some medical centers, doctors' surgeries and pharmacies. try {_402_S }
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